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FACT OR OPINION: The two posts- More Ad Propaganda & Gary Null- AIDS, Inc. are great examples of propaganda. How do we examine these sources to determine if there is bias or false information? Is controversial information always biased or inaccurate? What do you think?

MEDIA LITERACY: What does it mean to be media literate? Visit the media literacy links and category.

This page will allow you to post your comments and discoveries for online Fading Ad assignments. For each image, identify:

1) Find the GPS location using Google Earth?
2) By which industry was the product manufactured?
3) Who is the target audience?
4) Is this a product you would use? Explain.
5) Solid, Liquid or Gas? Combinations? Living or non-living? Predict of which elements, compounds, or materials these products might consist.

Use the links to find your answers. Any other unanswered questions can be posted in the Parking Lot Page where I will best try to answer. I would suggest this page to be used for further discussions as well.


In the NYTimes article, Paragraph six – Line #5 are the terms: circumsolar migration & imaginary skewer.

What do each of these terms represent in Earth’s journey in space?

circumsolar migration –

imaginary skewer –

How can turning the clocks forward one hour help conserve energy?

What does the phrase Coordinated Universal Time mean?

What was the previous term for Coordinated Universal Time?

MSNBC What is it that causes the change in seasons?

What was Nicolai Copernicus’s radical idea that changed the way we looked at the Solar System?

What is a solstice? When does each occur?

What is an equinox? When does each occur?

How does Earth’s tilt on its axis affect climate?