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Hunter’s Lodge Motel – Restaurant & Bar – Delaware, NJ

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Midtown Minolta Ad – Gimbels Sign – Midtown Manhattan

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Paper Makers Supplies – Jones Street – Greenwich Village, NYC

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Papine (Morphine Preparation) Label & Vintage Bottle – Battle & Company, St Louis, MO

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UW Tacoma work erases historic icon – Peter Callaghan – The News Tribune

© Vincenzo Aiosa

The Student Prince loved his beer.

And beer lovers in Tacoma loved the Student Prince.

I say loved – past tense – because the Student Prince is dead. The last large image of the iconic advertising symbol of local brew Alt Heidelberg was washed away from the side of the University of Washington Tacoma’s Joy Building during renovation.

“We’re deeply saddened and dismayed and heartsick over this,” said UWT spokesman Mike Wark. He said the UWT strives to preserve the historic painted signs it inherited but was told by a subcontractor that the condition of this one was too fragile to withstand brick cleaning and tuck pointing.

Read more: http://www.thenewstribune.com/2010/05/27/1202505/uw-tacoma-work-erases-historic.html#ixzz0pAzk2tKK

I wrote the piece today about the destruction of the alt Heidelberg ghostsign in Tacoma. I’m now wrestling with people who say it isn’t that big a deal because it can just be repainted. I’m trying to explain why that just isn’t the same (and would be a bad idea to try). Can you give me some help? What is the beauty of ghost signs that demands that they be original, that they be apparitions that we discover? As bad as this mistake is, I think it would be made worse by some attempt to repaint the Student Prince.

Thanks. Enjoy your page.
Peter Callaghan
The News Tribune
Tacoma, WA

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Joseph Cory Warehouses, Inc. – Jersey City, NJ

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Court House Prescriptions – Jersey City, NJ

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