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New Jersey

Bernzrite Propane – Two Guys (from Harrison) New Jersey

© Frank H. Jump

Now Bernzomatic © Frank H. Jump


TUESDAY, OCTOBER 9, 2007 © Pleasant Family Shopping

Glory Days of Buffalo Shopping © Michael F. Rizzo


Two Guys From Harrison (later shortened to Two Guys) was a discount store chain founded in 1946 by brothers Sidney and Herbert Hubschman in Harrison, New Jersey, originally selling major appliances such as televisions. The chain acquired the manufacturers of the Vornado appliance brand in 1959, and spread beyond the New York City metropolitan area to more than 100 locations in upstate New York, eastern Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, Virginia, and as far as Illinois and California. The company’s financial success started to decline in the late 1970s, and was defunct by 1982. – Wikipedia


Flickr Photostream © Bob Batchelor

Flickr Photostream © Christian Montone

Before they were “Two Guys” department stores, they were “2 Guys from Harrison.” Here’s a 1950s photo of Sidney and Herbert Hubschman’s Lodi store. Courtesy of Susan Conway DeRosa. © Vintage Everyday Blog


© Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

Located at the crossroads of Warren County, The Washington Theatre has been entertaining people for over 7 decades. Built in the final years of silent movies, this majestic old theatre features a classically styled lobby along with two modern auditoriums and the best of current motion picture technology.

The Construction began on The Washington Theatre back in April of 1926 and was completed by January of 1927. Built for both silent movies and vaudeville, the theatre held 800 seats and proudly proclaimed itself “The Showplace Of Northwestern New Jersey.” Just four years later in 1931, the theatre was “modernized” with the addition of sound.

Since its founding by the Lyons Theatre Circuit, The Washington Theatre has had many owners. In the 1970’s, the theatre was “twined”, at which time much of its ornate style was covered over or destroyed. Over the subsequent years, the once majestic theatre fell into a state of disrepair, until in 1997 the theatre finally closed. The Washington Theatre did not die however. Briefly reopened by a local community group, in August of 1998 the theatre was acquired by the New Jersey based Galaxy Theatre Corporation. After extensive renovations to restore the remaining grandeur back to the lobby areas, and extensive repairs and cleanup to the auditoriums, The Washington Theatre is once again The Showplace Of Northwestern New Jersey. Charles Van Bibber – Cinema Treasures dot org


Hunter’s Lodge Motel – Restaurant & Bar – Delaware, NJ

© Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

Enzo & Buddy © Frank H. Jump

Featured Fade – Peaster’s Auditorium – Beer, Wines, Liquors – Newark, NJ – Fabio Aiosa

Branford Street & Sherman Avenue © Fabio Aiosa

On Flickr Under “Feaster’s” –

Featured Fade – Wrigley’s Spearmint Gum – A. Citarella Meat Market – Red Bank, NJ – Iman R. Abdulfattah

© Iman R. Abdulfattah

If I am not mistaken, this ad is painted on a building on Bridge Avenue in Red Bank, NJ. The building is located right across from Red Bank’s train station. When I took the photograph, a resident approached me and said that there used to be an A. Citarella Meat Market in the building, and that old photos survive showing the ad when it was first painted. – Iman R. Abdulfattah

Zeller Lacquer – Irvington, NJ

© Frank H. Jump

Metal Finishing: Preparation, Electroplating, Coating, Volume 19 Jan- December 1921 © Google Books


Van Gogh’s Field of Sunflowers off Route 15 – Sparta, NJ

© Frank H. Jump

Bali Brassiere Company – Jersey City, NJ

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circa 1907 - Wikipedia


The bra (Fig. 2056) is for people who can dispense with the use of the corset. It is also used for the night, for the seaside bathing or in cases of extreme breast tenderness. It consists of a very light fabric, it is laced to the dorsal and sets forward a very flexible busk.

Doctors recommend wearing a bra during the night, for all women who have a fear of atrophy or weakness of their mammary glands because of the lack of suspensory ligaments of the breasts.

The model (fig. 2355) is a kind of girdle which compensates and improves the deficiency of the natural girdle. It is intended to exert a methodical compression on all the surface of the breast. In this way it proves useful in cases of hypertrophy of the breast. – Wikipedia – History of Brassieres



Shay’s General Store – Always Buys Red Swift (?) Quality Foods – Layton, NJ

© Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

Life Magazine – June 28, 1948 – Google Books – CLICK FOR PDF

Lubritorium – Near Lafayette, NJ

© Frank H. Jump

Hue saturation © Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

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n pl , -ria (Chiefly U.S.) a place, as in a service station, for the lubrication of motor vehicles
(C20: from lubricate + -orium, as in sanatorium)  – Dictionary Reverso dot net