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Gas & Oil

More on the Keystone Mural – Ocean Oil Co. – Another Pennsylvania Oil Company – Kansas City, MO

Cylinder, Motor & Transmission Oil © Frank H. Jump

Old Stocks dot com – CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE

Use Champlin Oils – Union Pacific RR – Salina, KS

© Frank H. Jump

North American Road Maps – CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE – [http://zippy.cso.uiuc.edu/~roma/roadmaps/naoilCa-Cm.html]

Champlin Oil and Refining was founded in Enid, Oklahoma in 1920 and at its peak marketed in 15 midwestern states. Retail operations were sold to America Petrofina and rebranded as Fina in the early Eighties. – North American Road Maps

BP Motor Spirit Ads – L’Alliance Anvers – Flanders – België – Inventory of Architectural Heritage – Featured Fades

L’Alliance Anvers – Antwerpen Alliance – BP Motor Spirit – Aalst – © Inventaris  Onroerend Erfgoed (Belgium)

BP Motor Spirit – Vlassenbroek – © Inventaris Onroerend Erfgoed (Belgium)

This site is a realization of Heritage, an agency of the Flemish government that built heritage in Flanders identifies, investigates, protects, manages and promotes access to them.

Oil Heats Best – Costs Less – Wakefield – Bronx, NY

White Plains Road – From the book Fading Ads of NYC (History Press, 2011) © Frank H. Jump

Featured Fade – Nick Hirshon – W.H. Smith Hardware Co – Wholesale Since 1874 – Oil & Gas Museum – Parkersburg, WV

Lumbering, Tackle, Chain Dog. ??? Grayscale- CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE © Nick Hirshon

Men of West Virginia, 1903 – © Google Books

W.H. Smith Hardware Company Building, also known as the Oil and Gas Museum of the Oil, Gas and Industrial Historical Association, is a historic commercial building located at Parkersburg, Wood County, West Virginia. It was built in 1899, on the foundation of a building built about 1874. It is a four-story, masonry building with Romanesque Revival architectural details. The rectangular building measure 60 feet by 120 feet, with an 18 feet by 12 feet outcrop. It housed the W.H. Smith Hardware Company until the 1980s. It now houses the Oil and Gas Museum. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2003. – Wikipedia

W.H. Smith Company was founded in 1886 by William H. Smith and for decades occupied the W.H. Smith Hardware building in downtown Parkersburg. In 1975 Vin Rathbone purchased the company from William A. Smith and in the 1980s moved the company to its current location on DuPont Road in Parkersburg.  W.H.Smith Company, a certified small business, has a proud history dating back more than 135 years – and is a leader in producing Hose Assemblies and Systems and Load Securing and Material Handling Products, primarily for military applications. We provide value added services including assembly, light fabrication, welding, painting and testing. – WH Smith Co. Website


Mobilgas Pump – Rapid City, SD

© Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

Lowlands Correspondent – Gaia Son – Total – Essence – Gas Station – Lens, FR


© Gaia Son

Remembering Cheaper Gas – $2.49 a gallon – Wyoming, July 2009

© Frank H. Jump

Featured Fade – John A. Murray- Plumbers, Steam, Gas & Mill Supplies – David Silver – Midtown, NYC


Reprostat Corp – Printing & Graphics – Steam & Gas – Midtown, NYC

© Frank H. Jump