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Brooklyn Storefronts

Homestretch Bar & Grill – Gravesend, Brooklyn

© Vincenzo Aiosa

Three waitresses all wearing
Black diamond earrings
Talking about zombies
and Singapore slings
No trouble in their faces
Not one anxious voice
None of the crazy you get
From too much choice
The thumb and the satchel
Or the rented Rolls-Royce
And you think she knows something
By the second refill
You think she’s enlightened
As she totals your bill
You say “show me the way
To Barangrill”

Joni Mitchell – Barangrill, For The Roses (1972)

Shiree Record Shop – Grand Street – East Williamsburg, Brooklyn

© Frank H. Jump

Greenwich Fixture Co., Inc. – Store Interiors – Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Dobbin Street © Vincenzo Aiosa

London Motors Service – Dodge – 475 Flushing Avenue – Williamsburg, Brooklyn

© Vincenzo Aiosa

Brooklyn Eagle – Courtesy of Fulton History

American Almond Products Co. –

Nut Processing Specialists since 1924 © Frank H. Jump

Singer Clothing – Lee Avenue – Williamsburg, Brooklyn

© Frank H. Jump

Sander’s Kosher Bakery – Williamsburg, Brooklyn


© Frank H. Jump

Boro Kitchen Cabinets – Bushwick, Brooklyn

© Vincenzo Aiosa

Smith’s – Buster Brown Shoes – Church Avenue – East Flatbush, Brooklyn

© Frank H. Jump

Buster Brown & his dog Tige © Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

Buster Brown was a comic strip character created in 1902 by Richard Felton Outcaultwho was known for his association with the Brown Shoe Company. (The name “Buster” came either directly or indirectly from the popularity of Buster Keaton, then a child actor invaudeville.)

This mischievous young boy was loosely based on a boy near Outcault’s home inFlushing, New York. His physical appearance, including the pageboy haircut, was utilized by Outcault and later adopted by Buster Brown. The actual boy’s name was Granville Hamilton Fisher, son of Charles and Anna Fisher of Flushing. The family subsequently moved to Amityville, New York where Charles Fisher ran a real estate and insurance business on Merrick Road. Granville operated a phonograph and radio sales and repair shop across the street from his father until his sudden death in 1936.

Richard Barker played Buster Brown in the Brown Shoe Company advertising campaign as a small child. There is a book written about Richard Barker and his life as Buster Brown in the advertising campaign. The book about Richard Barker is titled “Buster Brown and the Cowboy”. – Wikipedia

Stereo – Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Manhattan Avenue © Frank H. Jump