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Brooklyn Storefronts

Seeking Salvation on Flatbush Avenue – Brooklyn

© Frank H. Jump

As we all seek salvation, be it a shared or solitary experience – I hope we find compassion and tolerance on this road. And I hope to find the strength to forgive those who have done me wrong and forgive myself for blaming myself for these wrongdoings.

Albany Collision Supply – Flatlands, Brooklyn

Quality & Savings – Paints, Thinners, Tools, Equipment, Plastics, Abrasives © Frank H. Jump

American Refractories – 159 Taaffe Pl – Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

Taken in June 2004 © Frank H. Jump

The oxides of aluminium (alumina), silicon (silica) and magnesium (magnesia) are the most important materials used in the manufacturing of refractories. Another oxide usually found in refractories is the oxide of calcium (lime). Fire clays are also widely used in the manufacture of refractories. – Wikipedia

Meat Market – Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn #SaveNYC

Productos Tropical © Vincenzo Aiosa

© Vincenzo Aiosa

Firestone Then and Now – Bedford Avenue & Empire Blvd – Crown Heights, Brooklyn

Fay S. Lincoln – 1926 – NYPL – As featured on Brownstoner

Fay Sturtevant Lincoln, known professionally as F. S. Lincoln, was an architectural photographer active from the 1930s to the 1950s in New York City, Long Island, New York State, and with commissions in Charleston, South Carolina, and Williamsburg, Virginia.Penn State University Libraries

© Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

Vincenzo and I have passed by this corner countless times while driving up Bedford Avenue from end to end. Today we had to stop and look at it with new eyes of wonder. We both have known about Bedford Avenue’s history with automobile dealers since Brooklyn transitioned from a horse-town to an automobile town. Other remnants like the Studebaker showroom building and the Avenue D Oldsmobile derelict neon are stunning examples of this past. In researching the building, I found a Brownstoner article from November 2011 that features the topmost image from F.S. Lincoln. Now, since I’ve posted this, the odds are this building will disappear within a year. I’m bad luck. I don’t recommend hiring me for taking pics of your new home, wedding or newborn. This has been my personal Twilight Zone saga since I’ve started documenting fading ads. Not all of the images I’ve shot are gone thankfully.

Homestretch Bar & Grill – Gravesend, Brooklyn

© Vincenzo Aiosa

Three waitresses all wearing
Black diamond earrings
Talking about zombies
and Singapore slings
No trouble in their faces
Not one anxious voice
None of the crazy you get
From too much choice
The thumb and the satchel
Or the rented Rolls-Royce
And you think she knows something
By the second refill
You think she’s enlightened
As she totals your bill
You say “show me the way
To Barangrill”

Joni Mitchell – Barangrill, For The Roses (1972)

Shiree Record Shop – Grand Street – East Williamsburg, Brooklyn

© Frank H. Jump

Greenwich Fixture Co., Inc. – Store Interiors – Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Dobbin Street © Vincenzo Aiosa

London Motors Service – Dodge – 475 Flushing Avenue – Williamsburg, Brooklyn

© Vincenzo Aiosa

Brooklyn Eagle – Courtesy of Fulton History

American Almond Products Co. –

Nut Processing Specialists since 1924 © Frank H. Jump