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December, 2017:

Bickford’s Under The Visitor Center

From Fading Ads of NYC (History Press, 2011) © Frank H. Jump

Cooped Up? Cropped – Bickford’s (April 1997) © Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

Cooped up? Feeling low? Enjoy A Movie Today. 42nd Street. The World’s Greatest Movie Center.

And underneath you can see “Bickford’s.”

Little nifties from the fifties,
Innocent and sweet.
Sexy ladies from the eighties,
Who are indiscrete oh!
—Al Dubin, “42nd Street”

The former Selwyn Office Building was scheduled to be demolished in the spring of 1998. It was being used as a visitors’ center until it suddenly collapsed on December 30, 1997. – Fading Ads of NYC, 2011

On the storefront before this fading ad is a Bickford’s sign. The shot of this fading ad was taken just a few months before the building (which served as the Times Square Visitors Center) collapsed from a water leak that December.

Day & Meyer Murray & Young Corp Revisited – A Decade Ago

from Day & Meyer Murray & Young Corp website

Day & Meyer, Murray & Young Corp - Fireproof Warehouse - Second Avenue & the 59th Street Bridge, NYC
© Frank H. Jump

Day & Meyer, Murray & Young Corp - Fireproof Warehouse - Second Avenue & the 59th Street Bridge, NYC
Day & Meyer Murray & Young Corp., 1166 2nd Ave. at 61st St. (1987) © Walter Grutchfield

Another MACK sign. 


Fading Ad Campaign: The Chrome Age – and the future of the Fading Ad Blog

prototype book cover prior to 2011 History Press publication © Frank H. Jump

This was the first design I worked on before getting the publishing deal with the History Press, now bought by Arcadia Press. For the first nine years of the Fading Ad Blog, I posted obsessively daily and enjoyed a large following of over 500 visitors a day. The past year has been a rough one personally and I have posted more sporadically. I am also contemplating the future of blogging in general.

As this year draws to an end, I am self-reflective and open to suggestions from my audience and collaborators. The social media explosion has certainly impacted blogging and I have enjoyed my forays into Instagram and Twitter. But where do we go from here in an era of uncertainty where the Internet is about to undergo an overhaul by service providers with the end of Net Neutrality. So please feel free to express your opinions about the future of blogging, this blog and how you would like to see this project transform in the coming year. Thank you for all of your support and contributions from all of my guest featured contributors and followers. Happy New Year and keep looking up!

Sincerely yours,
Frank H. Jump

Flatbush Junction Gothic – Painted by John Hyland

Painted by John Hyland from a photo by Matteo Brogi

Previously posted on FAB © Matteo Brogi

Featured Fade – Middoughs’ – The Boys Shop – The Men’s Shop – Long Beach, CA – Jesse Levy

© Jesse Levy

Things I see:

Sawyer’s School of Business
All Commercial Headshots
World’s Finest Dance Instruction

Thanks Jesse!

Featured Fade – Old Reliable Store Fixtures – Refrigeration Plus – Woodhull, Brooklyn – Jordan Jacobs

© Jordan Jacobs

© Jordan Jacobs

Featured Fade – Fletcher’s Castoria Ad Revealing Itself – Park Slope, Brooklyn – One More Folded Sunset

© One More Folded Sunset dot com

Hi Frank,

You’ve probably seen this one. It’s been slowly revealing itself over the last several years, but it’s still hard to read. Pretty sure it’s ASTORIA at the bottom, so maybe it’s for the Astoria Savings Bank (there used to be one nearby on Fifth Avenue)? And you can see “… you have bought” at the top. There’s also some writing farther along the building but it’s impossible to decipher. No help from the 80’s tax photos – they only show the front of the building.This is at 12th Street & Sixth Avenue in Park Slope.

Great find! It’s a Fletcher’s Castoria ad revealing itself, probably the most prolific ad in the NYC area. These ads were everywhere. In a Thomas Edison film of a subway train trip over the Brooklyn Bridge in 1899, this ad is clearly visible. Thanks for sharing this with FAB!

Donald, You Are Next – West 23rd Street – Instagram

Instagram © Frank H. Jump

Featured Fade – Picture Framing Ghost Uncovered – Quick Lunch – Flatbush & Fifth Avenues – Josh Sucher


© Josh Sucher


© Josh Sucher (cropped – grayscale)


© Josh Sucher – cropped


© Josh Sucher

@joshsucher tweeted these images this weekend and tagged me. Thanks for the fades! joshsucher.com

Lilywhite Lies Slideshow – WORLD AIDS DAY

Lilywhite Lies

Hey yo yo, How ya go?
I hear you don’t like me ‘cause I’m a homo
Heard rumours ‘round you don’t wish me well
Say I’m a devil child and goin’ to hell
You preach to crowds I’m bad and wild
Spread disease and rape your child
Say if I don’t repent it’s God’s punishment
A case of AIDS I’ll get
I say, “You wanna bet?”
You hate me, berate me
But you forget God did create me
You say it’s true, you hands’ll heal
But let me tell you preacher
You ain’t the real deal
So listen minister, hear my story reverend
Until you love me you ain’t goin’ to heaven
Ho ho

CHORUS: It’s just another case of lilywhite lies, Lilywhite holy white

Hey yo yo, what you know?
Havin’ some trouble just sayin’ no?
You read the papers? Hear what they say?
“You’ll only catch AIDS if you’re black or you’re gay.”
So don’t worry America, you’ll live a long life
Keep your eyes shut to the pain and the strife
There are millions out there that’ll die in a year
But don’t get excited, Don’t shed a tear
Just keep livin’ your lives like it doesn’t exist
‘Til it hits you, then you’ll be pissed
Maybe too late just to pick up and run
With your daughter, your wife, your husband or son
‘Cause it’s over in Europe, it’s big in Japan
Africa’s got it and even Iran
So come on home, open your eyes,
Everyone knows a young person who dies

CHORUS: It’s just another case of lilywhite lies, Lilywhite holy white

Now if everyone you know is either scared to death or dyin’
It’s time to ACT UP, ‘cause they all killin’ you with lyin’
Like they care about your lover, they wanna find a cure
But all the money’s spent on weapons to fight a secret war
They love to watch the numbers mount
‘Cause people of color and faggots and women don’t count
When they round us up and jail us, it won’t be new news
Remember fifty years ago, Hitler did it to the Jews
So take it to the streets and write the President a letter
Denying there’s a crisis won’t make anyone better

CHORUS: It’s just another case of lilywhite lies, Lilywhite holy white

They love to watch the numbers mount
Don’t wanna be a number
Don’t wanna be what they want me to be
Another number

Frank H. Jump ©1987 RoughGift Productions/BMI

written, performed & produced by Frank H. Jump

Isabel Celeste Dawson – backup vocals
Francis Grant – guitar & backup vocals
Glenn Berger – sound engineer/production