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Schwabacher Hardware Co – Seattle, WA

Schwabacher Hardware Co – First Avenue S. – Seattle, Washington © Frank H. Jump

Schwabacher’s Hardware Co. at First and Yesler, Seattle, circa 1900 – Wikipedia Commons

The Schwabacher BrothersLouis Schwabacher (1837 – June 3, 1900), Abraham (Abe) Schwabacher (c. 1838 – September 7, 1909), and Sigmund (Sig) Schwabacher (May 14, 1841 – March 20, 1917)—were pioneering Bavarian-born Jewish merchants, important in the economic development of the Washington Territory and later Washington State. They owned several businesses bearing their family name, first in San Francisco, then in Walla Walla, Washington, and later in Seattle…..

The three Schwabacher brothers’ only sister, Barbetta (Babette) Schwabacher (January 3, 1836 – January 7, 1908), married the brothers’ business associate Bailey Gatzert in 1861. The couple headed in 1869 for Seattle—then a town of barely 1,000 people—where Gatzert established a branch of Schwabacher Bros. & Company. Gatzert would go on to become Seattle’s first (and, as of 2009, only) Jewish mayor. Schwabacher Bros. & Company became Seattle’s first wholesaler, with a business opened October 11, 1869. Schwabachers’ 1872 Seattle shop at Front Street (now First Avenue South) and Yesler Way was the city’s first brick building. Under Gatzert’s direction, the company also constructed a warehouse,  a grist mill,  and Schwabacher’s Wharf. – Wikipedia

Schwabacher interior circa 1900 – Wikipedia Commons

Key Seattle Schwabacher personnel, 1900.
Top: Sig Schwabacher.
Middle (left-to-right): Sigismund Aronson, James S. Goldsmith, George Boole.
Bottom: Nathan Eckstein. – Wikipedia Commons

© Worthpoint

This is a 5 lb Coffee Can on the front it says: M.K. (Milk Kettle) Coffee Schwabacher Bros. & Co Seattle On the back it reads; “Five Pounds Net weight, M.K (Milk Kettle) Coffee is packed in a kettle with the idea of placing Coffee in the hands of consumers in best possible condition. The package – which furnishes brand name – is more costly than the ordinary can and has a virtue aside from its use as a coffee container, no doubt apparent – particularly to house keepers. RULES FOR MAKING COFFEE: Take dry coffee, quantity desired, add boiling water, boil water and coffee five minutes, settle by adding a dash of cold water. Serve immediately with cream.” In small letters it says St. Louis Tin and Sheet metal Working Co. – Worthpoint

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