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Krug’s Bread – Rediscovering Jamaica, Jamaica Queens

© Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump
© Frank H. Jump

Previously posted another image of this wall entitled Bread (on Sutphin Blvd) but have since identified a possible name of the business. This pentimento also has the words “Castle” and “Beach” peeking through. Any leads on this, please comment.


  1. peter krug says:

    That is one of the former Krug’s bakery sites.

  2. fadingad says:

    Thanks Peter. Are you a family descendant? If you have any historical info you would like to share, I’ll be glad to post it. All the best, Frank

  3. T uddin says:

    Hi, where on sutphin is this?

    1. fadingad says:

      It is just South of the train station.

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