Lazarus appeared in my backyard one evening and nearly scared me to death. My husband, Vincenzo, found him on the side of the road near the Brooklyn waterfront, tossed him in his truck, and took him home.

Lazarus is on crutches and is covered with lesions. He scares away prowlers and squirrels and he's a popular focus for the police helicopter searchlights at night.

When I first found Spark, he was running around the neighborhood with his leash trailing behind him. He too was abandoned. So we took him in. He's a lucky little dog. Spark and I have a lot in common, as far as being lucky dogs.

I've never been seriously ill in the almost seventeen years I've been HIV positive, until this cancer. Lazarus represents for me the worst possible outcome from AIDS. He is the best scarecrow. Spark likes to scare away prowlers and squirrels too.

-Frank H. Jump July 2000

In May 2005, Spark ran away from home. He had done this before- but this time he has not returned. Spark left our lives as mysteriously as he had entered it.