TEN PICTURES FOR ITHACA: The 3rd poster contest of Ithaca, on the topic of “time”, has just been successfully completed. The judging committee has chosen the 10 best posters out of an impressive amount of creative work. Three of these posters will be awarded with the price of €700, €400 and €300. The winners will travel to the island of Ithaca, as municipality guests, and will receive their awards on the 9th of July.

The ten awarded posters will be printed on banners (2 m x 60cm) and will be exhibited along the Ithaca harbor, from 9th July to 25th September. In addition to that, there will be a large exhibition of all the distinguished work, from 9th to 16th of July 2004. Being held for the third time, the Ithaca poster contest expands its activities this year, with two major graphic design exhibitions: The first is a poster exhibition from the Thessalonica Design Museum, celebrating its 10 years of functioning. Ten well known graphic designers, older and younger, Greek and from other countries, have each designed a poster for the museum, based on the number 10, thus creating an exhibition-identity of contemporary design, not only in Greece but also in France, Turkey, Great Britain, United States and Israel. The inauguration of the exhibition has been scheduled for Saturday, the 10th of July, at 21.00, at the Ithaca Public Art Gallery. The exhibition will remain open until the 25th of July 2004.

The second exhibition consists of a series of ?almost historical- vintage mural ads, which the American artist Frank H. Jump has discovered and photographed during the last seven years. Being HIV positive, Frank H. Jump has managed to outlive his doctors’ prognosis. The “survival” of these murals in time has therefore a very special meaning for him and he has sought them throughout the buildings of NY and other American cities, as well as Holland. The “fading ad campaign” slide show will be open to the public at the old oil-press in Vathy Ithaca, from 9th to 16th July 2004.

«fading ad campaign»

In 1986, at the age of 26, Frank H. Jump discovered that he was HIV positive. The doctors then gave him less than 4 years to live. Today, having outlived this diagnosis by over than 18 years, he presents work that, like he has, has endured a lot more than expected. The fading ad campaign consists of vintage advertising murals on building walls, which the artist has discovered and photographed, mainly in NY, but also in other American cities and Holland. Many of them had been covered up, vandalized or destroyed. Still, many silently cling to the walls of buildings, reminding us their existence in the most discreet fashion. Even though this work is not directly connected to AIDS, the connection between the murals, that against all odds survive to this day, and the artist’s condition, is inevitable. For him, these images “provide a visual archaeology, which reminds us of a by-gone era in advertising and illustrate past styles and social trends. What they express, though, the most is the survival of culture, though wars, disasters and more”. This exhibition includes only a part of Frank H. Jump’s work. The artist has not stopped discovering and photographing advertising murals, saying that “I have accepted that I am dedicated to this project for the rest of my long life”.

-Dionysis Livanis- Athens, July 2004