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Pepsi-Cola – Wrigley’s Doublemint Chewing Gum – Chiclets – Piedmont Tobacco – Durham, NC – Howard Karp

Roberti & Wittenberg Attorneys – Pepsi-Cola – At Founts or in Bottles © Howard Karp

Hue & Saturation altered, cropped reveals Piedmont (tobacco) © Howard Karp

Grayscale Wrigley’s Piedmont Pentimento © Howard Karp

Vintage Ads (Tobacco) 1910

composite © Howard Karp

Chiclets – Really Delightful – That Dainty Mint Covered Candy Coated Chewing Gum © Howard Karp

© Howard Karp

Bull Durham – Carriages, Wagons, Farm Inplements [sic] – Thos. Cusack ad – Grand Island, NE – Featured Fade, Jerry Heidelk


This happened to be on the inside of a building we are renovating in Grand Island NE – Jerry Heidelk

Black Cat Cigarettes, Dingley Place EC1, Clerkenwell, London – UK – Featured Fade, Dionysis Livanis

© Dionysis Livanis

Black Cat Cigarettes was first introduced to the English market in 1904 by Carreras Ltd , the company of a London-based Spanish nobleman, which was by then well-established in the tobacco market. Carreras built the art deco Greater London House in Mornington Crescent as a factory in 1926, and Black Cat was one of the first machine manufactured cigarette brands in the UK. The cat itself owes its origins to a real black cat that used to reside in Don Jose Carreras Ferrer’s Wardour Street shop. – Ghost Signs: London’s fading Spectacle of History – Sam Roberts and Sebastian Groes – Literary London Journal

Cool Sweet Smoke – Patersed – May 25, 1885 – Cincinnati, OH

© Frank H. Jump

Patersed – May 25, 1885

Owl Cigars – Knights of Pythias – Bull Durham Smoking Tobacco – Socorro, NM – Featured Fades – Vance Bass

© Vance Bass

© Vance Bass

Revisited: Chew Virgin Leaf Tobacco – For the Blood – Fulton Street – Ocean Hill, Brooklyn

© Frank H .Jump

© Frank H. Jump

Parodi Cigar Factory – Emilio Parodi – East Sixth Street – East Village, NYC

© Frank H. Jump

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Ft. Collins Fades Revisited – Owl Cigars – Coca-Cola – Angell’s Delicatessen – Wendy Baker

© Wendy Baker

© Wendy Baker

Featured Fade: Chew Virgin Leaf Tobacco Ad – Blood Tonic Pentimento – Fulton Street – Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn – Vlad Iorsh

© Vlad Iorsh

Virgin Leaf tobacco was a trademarked chewing tobacco marketed by McAlpin & Co. Since I have never seen their past ads as claiming to be “for the blood,” I am assuming this is a pentimento – two or more ads superimposed upon one another – of the Virgin Leaf ad with a blood tonic. Would love to climb that fence and get a straight on shot of this right after it rains.

Owl 5¢ Cigars – A.R. Preston Grocers – Partition Street – Saugerties, NY – Upstate NY Correspondent, Wendy Diaz McCarthy

© Wendy Diaz McCarthy