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Glimpses from Ridgewood’s Past – Long Island Business School – Deutsch Bros. Furniture – Sarah Feldman (Ridgewood Social)

Ridgewood Social © Sarah Feldman (CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE)

Ridgewood Social © Sarah Feldman (CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE)

Ridgewood Social © Sarah Feldman (CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE)

Instagram video by Sarah Feldman while riding the J Train going towards Myrtle/Wyckoff station.

The uncovering of these ads was brought to my attention two weeks ago by Sarah Feldman of the blog Ridgewood Social where they were posted for the first time in an effort to glean information from the public. From research that was conducted by Anne Broecker and Ron Rayher, these signs were apparently painted around 1919. Various sources point to this as the probable year they were created.

As found on the Brownstoner website – Brooklyn Eagle, 1904

According to The Brownstoner, The Long Island Business School, located at 143 South 8th Street operated from 1899 to 1921, so this sign would have been painted the just a few years before they ceased operations.

Furniture World, Volume 50, No. 1275 – Thursday, September 4, 1919 – (CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE)

The Deutsch Brothers Furniture Store specialized in Grand Rapids Furniture and also sold clothing and phonographs. According to September 4, 1919 edition of The Furniture World Magazine:

The Brooklyn store of Deutsch Bros., at 1480 Broadway, suffered by a serious fire which started in the basement December 18 and considerably damaged the stock on three floors. Damage is estimated at $30,000.

On the website Collectors Weekly, one commenter under the screen name DizzyDave stated in a comment six years ago:

They were located in Chicago, and apparently closed sometime from 1920-1927 due to bankruptcy from a fire in their warehouse. It is later noted that the Deutsch Brothers were commissioned in 1961 by Jacquelyn Kennedy to design furniture in the Louis XV style for the East Room of the White House.

Collectors Weekly (CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE)


Tranmissions – Ridgewood, Queens

May 12, 2015 © Frank H. Jump

Feb 27, 2015 © Frank H. Jump

Ridgewood Carpet Co. – Carpets & Linoleums – Mr. Vacuum & Singer Sewing Machines – Ridgewood, QU

© Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

Ridgewood Savings Bank – Myrtle Avenue, QU

© Frank H. Jump

National Smokestack – Starr Street – Ridgewood, QU

© Vincenzo Aiosa

© Vincenzo Aiosa

Any clues as to what was this business? Just a couple of blocks away is National Compressor Exchange.

Boro Kitchen Cabinets Revisited – Cooper Avenue – Ridgewood, Queens

© Vincenzo Aiosa

Queens Wines & Liquors – Ridgewood, NY

© Vincenzo Aiosa

Ridgewood Coins & Stamps – Queens

EVergreen 1- 3601 – 5913 71st Ave Ridgewood Queens © Vincenzo Aiosa


Eisenmann’s Bicycle Shop – Ridgewood, Queens

Thank you Enzo’s eyes. © Frank H. Jump

Google Books

According to Ted Ernst of Palo Verdes Estates, CA  on January 28, 2007 in a search thread on the Bikelist dot org website:

Eisenmann was a sorta wild guy. He put his name on anything he could. Free Advertising! His last shop address we had was on Wyckoff Street in Brooklyn. My dad did business with Eisenmann back in the ’30s and I suspect that all German people affiliated with a NY German ethnic group was investigated by our authorities in the war, and rightly so. We never heard of any allegations of that sort, In fact right after the war when travel and racing started back up again, John Eisenmann and Ernie Seubert, (later cycling federation president) stayed at our house when they visited Chicago for a big bike race. It was always fun to hear Eisenmann talk Germanic English with a Brooklyn accent. – Search.Bikelist.org

Edward Albert, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Sociology of Chappaqua, NY later added:

…He [Eisenmann] had a store in Ridgewood, Queens and Imported Durkopp’s and Siebers. He was also President of the GBSC – German Bicycle Sports Club — for a time. He may have been investigated during the war for pro Nazi activities but that is not strictly proven.

Ridgewood Theatre – Queens

© Vincenzo Aiosa