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Portland OR

H.J. Stoll & Sons Inc. – Feeds & Concentrates – Montgomery Brothers – Portland, OR – Pacific NW Correspondent – Howie Schechter

© Howie Schechter

The building pictured is located on NW Marshall. “H. J. STOLL & SONS was formed on 1938-01-17 in Oregon by ROBERT F STOLL located at 2320 SE GRAND AVE, PORTLAND, OR, 97214. It is no longer active.” – Business Profiles dot com

© Howie Schechter

Farm Scene – Oregon Feed & Grain Association

H.J. Stoll is a Honorary Lifetime Member of the Oregon Feed & Grain Association.

Back of building – © Howie Schechter

Jacobs Garage – Dr. Jim’s Lofts – 3450 SE Alder – Portland, OR – Pacific NW Correspondent, Howie Schechter

© Howie Schechter

Notes from an Early Assistance Appointment held in 2012 (EA 12-120164) identified the building being constructed in 1919 as a warehouse and/or garage, with a 1961 variance (VZ 38-61) allowing the building to be occupied as a nonconforming printing plant and warehouse. – City of Portland, Oregon – Bureau of Development Services – Land Use Services – April 5, 2013

Blueprints from the proposal to convert the existing nonconforming warehouse structure on the site to four dwelling units. – City of Portland http://www.portlandoregon.gov/bds/article/442832

According to the developer, Dr. Jim:

The Dr. Jim’s Lofts imaginatively adapted a turn-of-the-century Standard Dairy building into four single-family lofts ranging from an airy 2-bedroom to a cavernous 4-bedroom. CHANGING PORTLAND 3000FT AT A TIME.

Carton Service – Portland, OR – Featured Fade, Noah Pardo

© Noah Pardo

Portland General Electric Company, 1906 – PDX, OR – Fred King, Featured Guest

© Fred King

Although this isn’t the ‘typical’ fading ad, it is something you might be interested in…. The age of the sign was what I found interesting. This sign is on a brick building in a large, electrical substation in NE Portland, OR – Fred King

PGE Boiler #16 in 1988 – Portland General Electric Company, Boiler No. 16, 1841 Southeast Water Street, Portland, Multnomah County, OR” Taken in April 1988? – Wikipedia Commons – CLICK FOR LINK

The utility was founded in 1888 by Parker F. Morey and Edward L. Eastham as Willamette Falls Electric Company. On June 3, 1889 it sent power generated by one of four brush arc light dynamos at Willamette Falls over a 14-mile electric power transmission line to Portland, the first US power plant to do so. – Wikipedia

Preserve Oregon Blog  – CLICK FOR LINK

PGE also purchased the 1891 Union Power Company in 1905, the 1889 Albina Light & Water Company in 1892, and the 1892 Vancouver Electric Light & Power Company in 1906.PGE, Portland Railway Company, and Oregon Water Power & Railway Company merged in 1906, becoming the Portland Railway, Light and Power Company (PRL&P) – Wikipedia


Fish Grotto – Hotel Joyce – Portland, OR – Featured Fade, Noah E. Pardo

© Noah E. Pardo

Snowflake Sodas Painted Ad – Harmony U-Park-It Garage – Portland, OR – Pacific NW Correspondent, Howie Schechter

© Howie Schechter


Vintage 1946 Snowflake Sodas Ad

1967 Press-Herald – CLICK FOR LINK

[Auto] Storage – SE Stark – Portland, OR – Featured Fade, Howie Schechter

© Howie Schechter

Just found this in Portland in industrial SE. Was an automotive storage warehouse, then a service shop for ambulances and now an urban winery (of course). Happy Pesach, baby!! – Howie Schechter

Featured Fade – American – Manufacturers & Distributors – Brushes – Janitors Supplies – Portland, OR – Howard Schechter

© Howard Schechter

Gray, McLean & Percy – Bakers, Confectioners & Fountain Supplies – Portland, OR

© Frank H. Jump

iCollector dot com

iCollector dot com

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Hotel Butte – Portland, OR

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