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Picture & Frames

Featured Fade – Picture Framing Ghost Uncovered – Quick Lunch – Flatbush & Fifth Avenues – Josh Sucher


© Josh Sucher


© Josh Sucher (cropped – grayscale)


© Josh Sucher – cropped


© Josh Sucher

@joshsucher tweeted these images this weekend and tagged me. Thanks for the fades! joshsucher.com

Adler Frames – Picture Framing – St. Louis, MO

© Frank H. Jump

Art? Treatments or Picture & Frames? – Variety of Stores Over Time – Mouldings, Pictures & Mirrors – Kuluta Buddhist Centre – Limestone Cremation Services – Kingston, Ontario

© Frank H. Jump

Upper left - Art? in stylized letters. The newer block letters look like a proprietor's name with the last name being Wright. © Frank H. Jump

The three central vertical signs between the windows having writing going sideways. Look at the same three panels turned 90º CW below. The newer block lettering shows CAPS clearly in the center panel. © Frank H. Jump

Mouldings, Pictures & Mirrors © Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

In the spirit of variety stores, this location has sold a variety of items over time.