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Window Shopping in NYC’s Garment District

© Frank H. Jump

iPhone Shots © Frank H. Jump

iPhone Shots © Frank H. Jump

iPhone Shots © Frank H. Jump

iPhone Shots © Frank H. Jump

Optical Journal Building – Optical Journal & Review – Carl Zeiss Print Ad – 11 John Street & Broadway, NYC

© Vincenzo Aiosa

Vol. XLV No. 1 – January 1, 1920 © Google Books

April 6, 1922 © Google Books

Carl Zeiss Lenses – April 13, 1922


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Carriages, Coupes & Hansoms Revisited, Again – Chelsea, NYC

© Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

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Pennsylvania Exchange Bank – NYC Watertanks – Eighth Avenue & West 26th Street

Taken August 2, 2011 during Lemmy Caution walking tour © Frank H. Jump

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Grosset & Dunlap Publishers Revisited – Chelsea, NYC

iPhone shots on Instagram © Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

Photo Collage – with source photos by Frank H. Jump & Vincenzo Aiosa

WTC image by Vincenzo Aiosa, macro iPhone shots by Frank Jump © Frank H. Jump

Crescent Moon Over NYC Watertowers – Isseks or Rosenwach? – Greenwich Village, NYC

© Frank H. Jump

Hotel Bonta-Narragansett – UWS – NYC

© Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

The Hotel Narragansett opened ca. 1902 at this location on Broadway between 93rd and 94th Streets. 1913-14 advertisements in the New York Herald referred to the Hotel as the Bonta-Narragansett (Arthur Knox Bonta, 1861?-1919, proprietor): “Handsomely Furnished Suites of One or More Rooms, with Bath.”  – Walter Grutchfield

Arthur Knox Bonta - 8 AUG 1860 – 25 DEC 1919 – Three Systems

Fall River Line Journal, Volumes 34-35 – CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE – Google Books

NYC Screening of Diego Luna’s ‘Chavez’ – March 17, 2014

Jump, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr & Vincenzo Aiosa © Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

Rosario Dawson @ CHAVEZ screening – plays farm worker activist Dolores Huerta © Frank H. Jump

UFW President Arturo Rodriguez & RFK, Jr. © Frank H. Jump

Isabel Celeste Dawson © Frank H. Jump

Gregory & Clay Dawson © Frank H. Jump

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. © Frank H. Jump

UFW Pres. Arturo Rodriguez, Bronx Boro President Ruben Diaz, Jr, RFK, Jr, Rosario Dawson, ? , Paul F. Chavez- President Cesar Chavez Foundation © Frank H. Jump

Coca-Cola and Mecca Smokes Pentimento – Bleecker & Carmine Streets, NYC – 1997

Circa 1905 – From the Fading Ads of NYC (History Press, 2011) © Frank H. Jump

In explaining a layered fading ad, I’ve always used the term pentimento, a painterly term that describes evidence of a previous work on a canvas seen through an existing upper layer. Viewing these works under varied wavelengths of light, like ultraviolet, infrared and even X-ray scanning, can aid scientists in deciphering both palimpsests and pentimenti. The use of the word pentimento in “street and photography” has also been cited on the Internet as a term “used in a modern sense to describe the appearance of the sides of buildings with painted advertising.” Often when newer ads are painted over older ads, “the paint wears away to reveal the older layers.” Examples of this can be seen in the work I did in the Netherlands in 1998 while photographing fading ads in Amsterdam¹. – From the Fading Ads of NYC (History Press, 2011) © Frank H. Jump