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At Your Fingertips – McCall Patterns – McCall’s Magazine

McCall Magazine – Circa 1911 – CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE

Estelle Mershon – Vogue Magazine, NY Times, The Constitution – 1913 –1917

Vogue Magazine, Estelle Mershon ad, 1917

Courtesy of Old Fulton NY Postcards- Tom Tryniski

The Constitution, Atlanta GA

The End of a Photographic Era – Kodak Files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection – Kodakery – Rochester, NY

Kodakery September 1915 Cover - NWMangum dot com

© Frank H. Jump

Vintage Kodak ad - circa 1915

Kodakery, “A Magazine For Amateur Photographers“, was published from September, 1913 through 1932, at the price of 5¢ per copy. All purchasers of a Kodak or Brownie camera received a 1-year free subscription. – MW Mangum

Progressive Grocer Cover – September 1950

Progressive Grocer Magazine