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Library of Congress

Far Rockaway, L.I. from the Inlet – 1904 – Library of Congress – Featured Fade

Library of Congress –

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="575"] Detroit Publishing Co – Library of Congress

Hello Dolly Backdrop – Design & Internet Research by Art Yelton – Photoshop Design & Layout – Frank H. Jump

Hello Dolly
© Frank H. Jump

This collage was used as a backdrop for a revival of Hello Dolly in 2001. My dear friend Art Yelton was the director and musical director. Yelton found all of the source images on the Internet, printed them out, and designed the basic cut and paste layout by hand (and fortunately saved all of the URLs). After receiving the prototype, I downloaded all of the digital files (mostly from the Library of Congress website) and created a digital version on Photoshop. This job was done during the time I was undergoing chemo and radiation therapies and kept me out of trouble. It was a labor of love. Enjoy. The reproduction for the backdrop was twenty by forty feet. Click on the image above for a close-up view.

Baptista Search Uncovers Vintage Gems


Library of Congress Archival Image

Above are images Robert Baptista (colorantshistory.org) found while commenting on some of my Pearline Soap postings. Pearline Soap ad: Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Baptista’s invaluable comments on this blog are worth being their own postings. Hey Robert- let me just make you a co-editor already! Below are his comments.

James Pyle made soap at 350 Washington St. in Manhattan in the 1860s. The product was sold in grocery stores as Pyle’s O.K. Soap. He later moved the factory to 414 Washington St. and sold Pearline Soap in one-pound packages at 15 cents per package. It was a coarse white powder formulated with sodium carbonate for washing clothes. A colorful vintage ad can be seen at the link:

A fascinating period photo is at the Library of Congress which depicts a little girl sitting on opened crates of Pearline washing compound, crying. She apparently mistook the small boxes for Crackerjacks! 

The Pearline Soap factory is being converted to condominiums with a cool $5 million starting price. Photos, a map, and more old Pearline ads

1899 Film of Train Crossing Over Brooklyn Bridge – Fletcher’s Castoria Ad Clearly Seen – Library of Congress

Thomas Edison - Library of Congress - Crossing to New York Over Brooklyn Bridge
This still was taken from a Library of Congress archival footage of a train crossing the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan. The Fletcher’s Castoria ad on the right is clearly seen in the beginning of the film. Steam billowing from what possibly was the Domino Sugar Refiner is an awesome sight.


Link to MPEG - Library of Congress [http://memory.loc.gov/mbrs/edmp/1734.mpg]
Click above to view Quicktime MPG file.

Edison Film Link - Library of Congress
Click [http://memory.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/d?ftvbib,rbpebib,calbkbib,cic,curt,dag,fsaall,cmns,flwpabib,afcreed,cowellbib,toddbib,afcnyebib,lomaxbib,ngp,afcwwgbib,raelbib,wpa,ncpm,afcwip,omhbib,pan,afcpearl,wpapos,lhbprbib,qlt,ncr,papr,afc911bib,afcesnbib,mesnbib,denn,fpnas,lhbtnbib:0:./temp/~ammem_BI7t:@@@mdb=ftvbib,rbpebib,calbkbib,cic,curt,dag,fsaall,cmns,flwpabib,afcreed,cowellbib,toddbib,afcnyebib,lomaxbib,ngp,afcwwgbib,raelbib,wpa,ncpm,afcwip,omhbib,pan,afcpearl,wpapos,lhbprbib,qlt,ncr,papr,afc911bib,afcesnbib,mesnbib,denn,fpnas,lhbtnbib]  for link to Library of Congress for other file formats. Choose item #14
New Brooklyn to New York via Brooklyn Bridge, no. 2 /

Fletcher's Castoria
© Frank H. Jump