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Inside a Grape Hyacinth – Muscari neglectum

CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE of iPhone 6+ with plastic hand lens © Frank H. Jump

Muscari neglectum is a perennial bulbous plant, one of a number of species and genera known as Grape Hyacinth and in particular Common Grape Hyacinth. Muscari are perennial bulbous plants native to Eurasia. They produce spikes of dense, commonly blue, urn-shaped flowers. It is sometimes grown as an ornamental plant, for example, in temperate climates as a spring bulb. – Wikipedia

Red Berries in the Snow – Amersfort/Avenue J Park, Flatlands Brooklyn

© Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

Wilde Hazelnoten Uit Amersfoort! – Wild Hazelnuts From Amersfoort NL! – Gaia Son

© Gaia Son

Apparently while Gaia was harvesting almost five kilos of hazelnuts that are growing wild in her picturesque medieval town of Amersfoort in the Netherlands, the generally aloof Turkish immigrants were  eager to comment to her about the hazelnuts of Turkey. No wonder!

The top producer of hazelnuts, by a large margin, is Turkey, specifically Giresun Province and Ordu. Turkish hazelnut production of 625,000 tonnes accounts for approximately 75% of worldwide production. Nutella consumes 25% of global supply. – Wikipedia

Florida Wildflowers – Sebastian, FL

iPhone with plastic hand lens © Frank H. Jump

The Wild Flowers of California – by Mary Elizabeth Parsons – Illustrated by Margaret Warriner Buck – George H. Kahn Optician Ad – Sunset Magazine – Volume 1 – May 1898

Sunset Magazine- Vol. I May to October 1898

Sunset Magazine- Vol. I May to October 1898

Sunset Magazine – Vol. 1 – May to October 1898

Sunset Magazine

Cool as a Cuke – Flatbush Terrace Garden

© Vincenzo Aiosa

Blue Ribbon – Yakima Country Horticultural Union – Yakima, WA

© Frank H. Jump

This trademark for BLUE RIBBON was filed by SNOKIST GROWERS; YAKIMA COUNTY HORTICULTURAL UNION. On 26 February 1914 this trademark was filed, on 27 October 1914 this trademark was registered, on 30 November 1948 this trademark was republished and on 27 October 2004 this trademark was renewed.Trademarken

Flatbush Magnolia

© Frank H. Jump

African Violet Watercolor

© Frank H. Jump

Edifice De La Sauvegarde Cie D’Assurance Vie – Dupuy-Ferguson – Place Jacques Cartier – Montréal, CA

© Frank H. Jump

In the nineteenth century, French Canadian businesses that offer life insurance were mutual. These companies do not have shareholders, they belong to the policyholders. Founded in 1902, The Backup is the first company life insurance share capital under the control of French Canadians. Under the impetus of economic nationalism, William Narcisse Ducharme gathered around this project a team of politicians and businessmen, including Henri Bourassa, federal politician and future founder of Duty, Hormidas Laporte, Mayor of Montreal from 1904 to 1906 and President of the Provincial Bank, Senator Raoul Dandurand and Narcissus Pérodeau, later Lieutenant Governor of Quebec. Safeguard in 1914 moved into a new building at 150 Notre-Dame, she holds up in 1976. 

In 1915, it is the fifth financial institution private French-Canadian behind the three chartered banks and Mount Royal Insurance Company against fire. But it is far behind the major companies in Quebec mutual aid: the Society of French-Canadian artisans, St. Joseph Unions and the National Alliance. Safeguard growth will be slow but steady. In 1962, the family sold its controlling interest Ducharme movement Caisses populaires Desjardins. From 1965 to 1978, the Maison des arts Safeguard house built in 1811, adjacent to the headquarters, will be dedicated to the dissemination of the arts. – Old Montréal

© Frank H. Jump


Seed companies played an increasingly important in Quebec in the mid 19th century. Before 1850,  farmers produced their own seed. The importation of new plant species included the United States and Europe (France, England, Netherlands …) which made you gradually put aside traditional varieties. Many of these companies became successful and brought exotic new flavors and diversity to farmers but also for families who often had a [household] garden. As they were an important link in the introduction and evolution of tastes [and variety], we thought it was relevant to paint a picture of them: Dupuy & Ferguson.  – Gardens of Yesteryear

At 38 Place Jacques-Cartier, the grain trade commanded  a notable presence with Dupuy & Ferguson, importers of grains, who occupied the premises from 1888 until 1964.  – Old Montréal