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Campbell Soup Kid Replica – Long Branch NJ Murals – Featured Guest – Jim McGee

Campbell Soup Kid serving Art on a platter © Jim McGee

Vintage Campbell Soup Ad


© Jim McGee

© Jim McGee

© Jim McGee

© Jim McGee

GoGo Club © Jim McGee

© Jim McGee

Portland General Electric Company, 1906 – PDX, OR – Fred King, Featured Guest

© Fred King

Although this isn’t the ‘typical’ fading ad, it is something you might be interested in…. The age of the sign was what I found interesting. This sign is on a brick building in a large, electrical substation in NE Portland, OR – Fred King

PGE Boiler #16 in 1988 – Portland General Electric Company, Boiler No. 16, 1841 Southeast Water Street, Portland, Multnomah County, OR” Taken in April 1988? – Wikipedia Commons – CLICK FOR LINK

The utility was founded in 1888 by Parker F. Morey and Edward L. Eastham as Willamette Falls Electric Company. On June 3, 1889 it sent power generated by one of four brush arc light dynamos at Willamette Falls over a 14-mile electric power transmission line to Portland, the first US power plant to do so. – Wikipedia

Preserve Oregon Blog  – CLICK FOR LINK

PGE also purchased the 1891 Union Power Company in 1905, the 1889 Albina Light & Water Company in 1892, and the 1892 Vancouver Electric Light & Power Company in 1906.PGE, Portland Railway Company, and Oregon Water Power & Railway Company merged in 1906, becoming the Portland Railway, Light and Power Company (PRL&P) – Wikipedia


Syrup of Figs On Borrowed Time – Garret Savage – Guest Feature

© Garret Savage

Featured Guest – Ekaterina Markova – Transgender Day of Remembrance – Washington Square, NYC

November 20, 2013 – CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE © Ekaterina Markova

Featured Guest – Fabio Aiosa – Transgender Day of Remembrance – Washington Square Park – November 20, 2013 – Islan Nettles (Murdered @ 21yo)

Islan Nettles, Age 21 – Cause of Death: Blunt Force- Harlem, NYC © Fabio Aiosa

Today, November 20th is Transgender Day of Remembrance. It is a day the LGBTQ community remembers the people who were violently taken from us in acts of hatred. These are only a few of the hundreds of people murdered this year alone, and many more will remain unnamed and unknown.

Featured Fade – Ideal Hosiery – Grand Street – Lower East Side – David Drake

Wholesale Distributors of Ladies & Men’s Hosiery – CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE © David Drake

Featured Fade – John A. Murray- Plumbers, Steam, Gas & Mill Supplies – David Silver – Midtown, NYC


Featured Fade – Luna Park – May 14 – Sep 2 – Circa 1915 – 726 Broadway, NYC – Ben Hagen

© Ben Hagen

Hi Frank –

I was fortunate enough to accompany you on the faded ad tours you gave for OHNY last fall, and I found them wonderfully educational and fun. I recently came upon an ad that I felt I had to share with you; you may be familiar with it already, but it’s quickly become my favorite in the city. It’s an ad for the original Luna Park – a fantastic ad that’s great for both its own historical quality and for its connection to such an historically resonant NY institution. its on the south-facing side of the building just to the north of 726 Broadway, which happens to be the NYU health center, and from which I was able to spot it. I think its from 1915 or 1916 – 726 Broadway was constructed in 1917, and the opening/closing dates listed for the park would line up with weekend days in those years. I’m enclosing a picture if you’d like to see it…it’s not a great photo, but I only had my iPhone and had to take it through a window. 

Thanks again for the inspiring tours!

Ben Hagen

Thanks for this wonderful shot Ben! What a great find!


Featured Fade: Coca-Cola Sign Uncovered in Chicago in Summer of 2012 – Mike Merritt

© Mike Merritt of www.redship.com – CLICK TO CHECK OUT MIKE’S NEW START-UP


Stumbled across your site while on the net and love it!

I’ve attached a photo of a Coca Cola ad that was uncovered this summer when a building was demolished. This was in a row of buildings on the 5400 block of North Clark St. in Chicago’s Andersonville neighborhood.



Thanks Mike and I hope you enjoy the book! Check out Mike’s new start-up business, REDSHIP –  a college care package company with a great retro logo and web design.


Featured Fade – L & H Stern – Smoking Pipes & Holders – DUMBO – Fred King

October 2012 © Fred King

L & H Stern were Ludwig and Hugo Stern. Hugo Stern (1872-?) was in business in Brooklyn in the Cigars and Tobacco business as early as 1899. Ludwig Stern (1877-1942) emigrated from Germany as a young man, worked for a time for the Metropolitan Tobacco Co., then founded L & H Stern in 1911. They were originally located in Manhattan on East 10th St. (Ludwig Stern, president; Hugo Stern, vice-president & secretary; and Benjamin Zeichner, treasurer) and moved to Brooklyn in the area now called DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) around 1920. They manufactured “smoker’s articles,” with a specialty in briar pipes. They remained in business at this location until the mid-1960′s. – Walter Grutchfield