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Greenwich Village

Upholstery & … – Sixth Avenue – Greenwich Village, NYC

Sunday, May 11, 2015 on the Fading Ad Walking Tour © Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

Greenwich Village Storefront Windows

© Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

Hong Kong Tailor Jack © Frank H. Jump

Hygrade’s All Beef Hot Dogs – Sixth Avenue – Greenwich Village, NYC – Happy Halloween

© Frank H. Jump

I remember when the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade was a fun little community event full of drag queens and local school children and their families. After 1984, it seemed to get out of control. Haven’t been to it in years. Tell me, how are they lately. Is it safe for a local drag performer?

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Crescent Moon Over NYC Watertowers – Isseks or Rosenwach? – Greenwich Village, NYC

© Frank H. Jump

Beware Pickpockets & Loose Women – New Orleans Police Dept. – Minetta Lane Window, Greenwich Village, NYC

© Frank H. Jump

Coca-Cola and Mecca Smokes Pentimento – Bleecker & Carmine Streets, NYC – 1997

Circa 1905 – From the Fading Ads of NYC (History Press, 2011) © Frank H. Jump

In explaining a layered fading ad, I’ve always used the term pentimento, a painterly term that describes evidence of a previous work on a canvas seen through an existing upper layer. Viewing these works under varied wavelengths of light, like ultraviolet, infrared and even X-ray scanning, can aid scientists in deciphering both palimpsests and pentimenti. The use of the word pentimento in “street and photography” has also been cited on the Internet as a term “used in a modern sense to describe the appearance of the sides of buildings with painted advertising.” Often when newer ads are painted over older ads, “the paint wears away to reveal the older layers.” Examples of this can be seen in the work I did in the Netherlands in 1998 while photographing fading ads in Amsterdam¹. – From the Fading Ads of NYC (History Press, 2011) © Frank H. Jump

Uptown Correspondent – Iman R. Abdulfattah – Avignone Pharmacy – Hygrade’s All Beef Franks – Greenwich Village, NYC

CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE © Iman R. Abdulfattah

Greenwich Village Ad Space Wall – Greenwich & Seventh Ave. So.

© Vincenzo Aiosa

This wall ad has usually been occupied by Marc Jacobs. Apparently they are building yet another hi-rise in the Village and this wall has been scraped to the brick exposing some of the underlying ads from who knows when.

Three Still Lifes – Rafele Ristorante – Greenwich Village, NYC

Limone -Menta Panna Cotta & Grappa © Frank H. Jump

Fiori & Specchio – © Frank H. Jump

Legna da ardere © Frank H. Jump

Childrens Hair Cut – Erskine Press – East 13th Street, NYC – Featured Fade – Don Willmott

© Don Willmott

As the facade of 17 East 13th St. gets stripped away for a renovation, this antique sign has been revealed. I fear it will soon head for the dumpster, but it’s nice to see. The other fading sign on the building, Erskine Press, may survive. I hope.  – Don Willmott