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Frank Meinhart

Leon Sweet – Sweet’s Chocolates – Sold From Alaska to Australia – Silverbow Paint Company – Wall Dog Frank Meinhart – Butte, MT

July 2009 © Vincenzo Aiosa


But with an orange hue, it revealed “Sweet’s Chocolates.”


So I took this image below,

© Frank H. Jump

and unskewed it –


and then performed the same hue saturation filters to reveal the sign below:


Upon further research, I found this slogan in a recently published book about Richmond, VA  (Richmond, Arcadia Books, 2011)

Made in Salt Lake – From ‘Richmond’ By Cheri Housley, Marie Lundgreen, Kathy Jones (Arcadia Publishing, 2011)

Then I discovered an article by Leon Sweet about the confection industry in October 1918 issue of The Utah Payroll Builder, as well as an ad for Sweet’s Chocolates & an anecdote about the “largest electric sign in Utah.”

Google Books

Utah Payroll Builder Volumes 5 & 6, 1917-1918

From the Utah Payroll Builder

From the Sweet Candy Company website:

Leon Sweet started the Sweet Candy Company in Portland, Oregon. The early varieties Leon offered for sale had two distinguishing characteristics: they were made mostly by hand, and people loved them. Customers loved Sweet’s candies back then for the same reason they love them today—quality.

Leon moved the operation from Portland, Oregon to Salt Lake City, Utah. Upon relocation, he merged several small specialty stores into one general manufacturing company. Over the years, Sweet’s has become more innovative and more automated, embracing technology to create better and even more delicious products.

The Sweet Candy Company moved into a state-of-the-art, 180,000 square foot manufacturing and distribution facility. The new factory is located three miles south of the Salt Lake International Airport.

Sweet Candy Company is still a family-owned and operated American company. The third, fourth and fifth generations of the family are actively involved in the daily operations of the business. Sweet’s distributes more than 250 quality candy items nationally and internationally—in bulk, bags, and boxes. Sweet’s is still known for its quality candy and world-class customer service. We thank our customers for your business and support all these years. We look forward to supplying you with your favorite Sweet’s for another 100 years. – Sweet’s Candy Company Website