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Flour & Bread

Sunbeam – Texas Best Bread – Flowers Baking Co – El Paso, TX – Gaia Son

© Gaia Son

Little Miss Sunbeam and the Sunbeam brand are owned by Quality Bakers of America, a baking cooperative. Flowers is one of 10 baking companies in the U.S. that franchises the right to market baked foods under the Sunbeam brand. Flowers and Sunbeam have been partners since 1944! – Flowers Foods Website

Eventually… Gold Medal Flour – Why Not Now? – St. George, SI – NYC

From the book Fading Ads of NYC (History Press, 2011) © Frank H. Jump

Krug’s Bread – Astoria Blvd – Corona, Queens

© Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

Courtesy of Fulton History

Flour Ad – West Philadelphia, PA

Best Bread © Vincenzo Aiosa

Ceresota Flour – Syracuse, NY

© Vincenzo Aiosa

Flour producers since 1891 – Now merged with Heckers – iCollector dot com

Northwestern Consolidated Milling Company Elevator A now known as the Ceresota Building, 119 Fifth Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Hennepin County – Wikipedia Commons – CLICK FOR LINK

Gold Medal Flour – Passaic, NJ

© Vincenzo Aiosa

Holsum Bread – Hotel Fenimore – Seattle, WA

Ask Your Grocer for Holsum – The Bread of Quality – Baked Clean, Sold Clean – Aug 2009 © Frank H. Jump

Horses & Mules – S.H. Campbell – Hay & Grain – Flour & Feed – 1816 East Franklin – Richmond, VA

© Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

Google Books

Google Books

Google Books

Standard Roadster – Southern Planter – Google Books

Southern Planter – Standard Roadster – Google Books


Schulze’s Butter-Nut Bread – Chicago, IL

© Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

Nationwide Advertising Specialty Co., Tyler, Texas – The Tichnor Brothers Collection – Boston Public Library, Print Department – via Wikipedia – CLICK FOR LINK

Interstate Bakeries Corporation (1930)

The company has its roots in the Nafziger Bakeries which were started by Ralph Leroy Nafziger in a church basement at 6th and Prospect Avenue in Kansas City in 1905. Nafziger expanded the bakeries and bought out competitors. In 1925 he sold Nafziger Bakeries to Purity Bakeries (which in turn became American Bakeries). Using his fortune he acquired a controlling interest in Schulze Baking Company and its Butternut Bread brand.

In 1930 he announced the formation Interstate Bakeries Corporation (IBC) with the merger of the Schulze Bakery with seven bakers under the umbrella of Western Bakeries of Los Angeles. At the time claimed to be the fifth largest baker in the United States. The company was a wholesaler selling Butternut bread loaves wrapped in gingham to grocery stores. – Wikipedia

Featured Fade – Gold Medal Flour – Marlborough, NY – David Silver

© David Silver