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Featured Fade

Featured Fade: Chamber Street Smoke Shop – Carrie Zimmerman – Lower Manhattan

© Carrie Zimmerman

Featured Fade – Nashville Products Co – Nashville, TN – Estelle Saltiel

© Estelle Saltiel

Nashville Products Co manufactured disinfectants according to Google Books

Old Route 66 – West Winds Motel – Erick, OK – Fred King

© Fred King

© Fred King

© Fred King

© Fred King

Tumble Inn Lounge Cafe – Powder River, WY – David Roberts

© David Roberts

© David Roberts

This sign and abandoned restaurant are beside US Highway 20 in the very small town of Powder River, Wy. I was hungry when I passed by, and I wish I could have tried one of those “sizzlin steaks.” – David Roberts, Flickr

Featured Fade – John Wilson – Sporting Goods – Iowa City, IA – Carolyn Grifel

© Carolyn Grifel

© Carolyn Grifel

Featured Fade – Peoples Exchange – Gen. Mdse. – Escalante, UT – L. Sessions

Found on Panoramio – © L. Sessions

Tomahawk Service Station – Garage – Mountainair, NM – Featured Fade – Jay Warren

© Jay Warren

Cigars, Cigarettes, Candy – Coin Rest Room – Clean Dry Cleaning – Featured Fade – Rouses Point, NY – Andrea Newmark

© Andrew Newmark

© Andrea Newmark

Drugs – Spring Lake, NJ – Featured Fade, Kathleen Snow

© Kathleen Snow

Bull Durham – Carriages, Wagons, Farm Inplements [sic] – Thos. Cusack ad – Grand Island, NE – Featured Fade, Jerry Heidelk


This happened to be on the inside of a building we are renovating in Grand Island NE – Jerry Heidelk