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Featured Fade – Corn Exchange Bank Trust Co. – Prospect Park, Brooklyn – Kathleen Snow

© Kathleen Snow

Neumann Leathers – Hoboken, NJ – Estelle Saltiel

© Estelle Saltiel

© Estelle Saltiel

The old Neumann Leathers factory will be preserved and rehabilitated, creating a mix-used site that includes residential and retail components and new public space, according to Hoboken’s new draft plan for the historic site released Monday.

– By Laura Herzog – NJ.com – October 20, 2015

Featured Fade – Fair & Square Ribbon – Joseph Loth & Company – Eric K. Washington

© Eric K. Washington

Fair and Square Ribbon painted sign

This painted advertisement endures on the back of the former Joseph Loth & Company “Fair and Square” ribbon mill, built in 1886, on Amsterdam Avenue between West 150th and 151st Streets. The ad reads, “Fair and Square — This Label Is On The Best Ribbon Made.”

“In upper Manhattan, a block-long structure hulks like a stalwart old public building. But a faded ad painted in back reveals its delicate mission more than a century ago…”

Featured Fade – Vintage Sen-Sen Ad – Milwaukee, WI – Pete Anderson

Pete Lit – “For Hoarseness.” Gorgeous, massive ad – six stories tall. 158 N. Broadway, Third Ward, Milwaukee. © Peter Anderson

“For Hoarseness.” Gorgeous, massive ad – six stories tall. 158 N. Broadway, Third Ward, Milwaukee. I actually visited, about ten years ago, the Chicago factory where Sen-Sen was last manufactured. I brought home a sample, but don’t remember trying it – the owners warned me that it had a strange taste. According to Wikipedia (which noted its “frequent use in covering up the odoriferous evidence of perceived vices such as drinking and cigarette smoking”) the product was discontinued in 2013. – Pete Lit, April 30, 2017

Vintage Ad from June 1901 – Judge Magazine – © Getty Images

Featured Fade: Chamber Street Smoke Shop – Carrie Zimmerman – Lower Manhattan

© Carrie Zimmerman

Featured Fade – Nashville Products Co – Nashville, TN – Estelle Saltiel

© Estelle Saltiel

Nashville Products Co manufactured disinfectants according to Google Books

Old Route 66 – West Winds Motel – Erick, OK – Fred King

© Fred King

© Fred King

© Fred King

© Fred King

Tumble Inn Lounge Cafe – Powder River, WY – David Roberts

© David Roberts

© David Roberts

This sign and abandoned restaurant are beside US Highway 20 in the very small town of Powder River, Wy. I was hungry when I passed by, and I wish I could have tried one of those “sizzlin steaks.” – David Roberts, Flickr

Featured Fade – John Wilson – Sporting Goods – Iowa City, IA – Carolyn Grifel

© Carolyn Grifel

© Carolyn Grifel

Featured Fade – Peoples Exchange – Gen. Mdse. – Escalante, UT – L. Sessions

Found on Panoramio – © L. Sessions