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Featured Fade – Middoughs’ – The Boys Shop – The Men’s Shop – Long Beach, CA – Jesse Levy

© Jesse Levy

Things I see:

Sawyer’s School of Business
All Commercial Headshots
World’s Finest Dance Instruction

Thanks Jesse!

Featured Fade – Old Reliable Store Fixtures – Refrigeration Plus – Woodhull, Brooklyn – Jordan Jacobs

© Jordan Jacobs

© Jordan Jacobs

Featured Fade – Fletcher’s Castoria Ad Revealing Itself – Park Slope, Brooklyn – One More Folded Sunset

© One More Folded Sunset dot com

Hi Frank,

You’ve probably seen this one. It’s been slowly revealing itself over the last several years, but it’s still hard to read. Pretty sure it’s ASTORIA at the bottom, so maybe it’s for the Astoria Savings Bank (there used to be one nearby on Fifth Avenue)? And you can see “… you have bought” at the top. There’s also some writing farther along the building but it’s impossible to decipher. No help from the 80’s tax photos – they only show the front of the building.This is at 12th Street & Sixth Avenue in Park Slope.

Great find! It’s a Fletcher’s Castoria ad revealing itself, probably the most prolific ad in the NYC area. These ads were everywhere. In a Thomas Edison film of a subway train trip over the Brooklyn Bridge in 1899, this ad is clearly visible. Thanks for sharing this with FAB!

Featured Fade – Picture Framing Ghost Uncovered – Quick Lunch – Flatbush & Fifth Avenues – Josh Sucher


© Josh Sucher


© Josh Sucher (cropped – grayscale)


© Josh Sucher – cropped


© Josh Sucher

@joshsucher tweeted these images this weekend and tagged me. Thanks for the fades! joshsucher.com

Philips Lamp Ad Restoration – Valkenburg, NL – Jenny Hobson & Wouter Bregman

© Jenny Hobson

Hivemind © Wouter Bregman 2016

Barnes Commercial School – Hardware – Tools & Glass – Denver, CO – Gaia Son

Santa Fe Drive/W 7th Ave, Denver, CO – August 2017 © Gaia Son

View of a school at 14th (Fourteenth) and Glenarm Streets in downtown Denver, Colorado; the office building has storefronts and a sign: “New Home of the Barnes Commercial School.” Cars are in the street. © Denver Public Library Digital Collections

Featured Fade – Pepsi-Cola – Prague, Czech Republic – William Gersten

© William Gersten

cropped © William Gersten

Featured Fade – Corn Exchange Bank Trust Co. – Prospect Park, Brooklyn – Kathleen Snow

© Kathleen Snow

Neumann Leathers – Hoboken, NJ – Estelle Saltiel

© Estelle Saltiel

© Estelle Saltiel

The old Neumann Leathers factory will be preserved and rehabilitated, creating a mix-used site that includes residential and retail components and new public space, according to Hoboken’s new draft plan for the historic site released Monday.

– By Laura Herzog – NJ.com – October 20, 2015

Featured Fade – Fair & Square Ribbon – Joseph Loth & Company – Eric K. Washington

© Eric K. Washington

Fair and Square Ribbon painted sign

This painted advertisement endures on the back of the former Joseph Loth & Company “Fair and Square” ribbon mill, built in 1886, on Amsterdam Avenue between West 150th and 151st Streets. The ad reads, “Fair and Square — This Label Is On The Best Ribbon Made.”

“In upper Manhattan, a block-long structure hulks like a stalwart old public building. But a faded ad painted in back reveals its delicate mission more than a century ago…”