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Sozodont Toothpaste – Cleans Teeth Clean – Madison Avenue – Grand Central Station, NYC – Featured Fade, Jerry Reichelscheimer

Cleans Teeth Clean – Our Only Claim © Jerry Reichelscheimer

Sozodont Oral Hygiene -1896A Ad for Sozodont, said to be pure and harmless, fragrant as the flowers, preserves the teeth and sweetens the breath. A photograph, an oval frame, artistic hand lettering, and lots and lots of lines. There is absolutely nothing missing from this design. Nothing at all. Read the Wikipedia page to find out why we don’t use it any more. From the November, 1896 issue of COSMOPOLITAN. – Magazine Art dot org


At the turn of the 20th century, another dentist echoed this complaint, stating that “The liquid of Sozodont . . . is far too alkaline for general use, and would in time destroy the enamel of the teeth and make them yellow.” – Wikipedia

Standard Life & New Fidelity Buildings – Pittsburgh, PA – Featured Fade – Dean Capone

4th Avenue b/w Wood & Smithfield Streets. © Dean Capone

Both buildings have been converted to residential condominiums and rentals.

Red Hackle Whisky – 37 Otago Street – Glasgow, Scotland – Featured Fade – Lonny Behar

© Lonny Behar

The building now at 37 Otago Street in Glasgow is home to the Rug Rooms flooring company amongst other things, including a Sikh temple.  – Glasgow Punter

Red Hackle Patent number – Google Books

Glasgow Punter

Taos Mercantile Co. – Taos, NM – Featured Fade – Craig Collins

© Craig Collins

Owl Cigars – Knights of Pythias – Bull Durham Smoking Tobacco – Socorro, NM – Featured Fades – Vance Bass

© Vance Bass

© Vance Bass

County Line Barbeque in Austin on the Lake Neon – Austin, TX – Jordan Jacobs

© Jordon Jacobs

© Jordon Jacobs

© Jordon Jacobs

© Jordon Jacobs

Doro’s Annex Unveiled – Paints, Oils, Glass, Varnish & Paints! – Michael Glicksman, Featured Fade

© Michael Glicksman

Back in December of 2013, Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York did a posting on the “upscale florist shop” Doro’s Annex, which after 33 years in business finally shut its doors on 9th Avenue and West 21st Street.  Yesterday, an Instagram buddy of mine, Michael Glicksman posted the image above and at my request sent me the image below to be featured on FAB.

Now, if I were opening the Swedish café Michael believes will be at this location, I would have solved my sign problem immediately and would repurpose this old relic. In places like the Netherlands, it would be the law. Patrimony is a strong national and municipal heritage & preservation movement all across the Netherlands. My great grandmother’s Florist sign apparently will be added to the building she lived and worked from for over fifty years during and after the German occupation. Ironically, a wonderful German woman by the name of Monika Thé occupied this space for the next fifty years after my great grandmother, Gatske de Jong died of tuberculosis and was kind enough to let my mother and myself in three years ago on Easter Sunday where she entertained us all afternoon with delicious tea and cookies.

© Michael Glicksman

Ft. Collins Fades Revisited – Owl Cigars – Coca-Cola – Angell’s Delicatessen – Wendy Baker

© Wendy Baker

© Wendy Baker

Featured Fade – Fireproof Warehouse – Day & Meyer, Murray & Young Corp – Portovault – Steel Vault Storage – Second Avenue & East 61st Street, NYC – Asaf Ben-Gai

 August 2014 – © Asaf Ben-Gai CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE

Day & Meyer, packing, shipping and storage, was formed around 1894 by Herbert W. Day (1867-?) and Gustave E. Meyer (1862?-?). They were located downtown on 5th Ave (around 27th St.) and on W. 31st St. until around 1906. They relocated to 341 4th Ave. (southeast corner of 25th St.) in 1906 and then moved uptown to 305 E. 61st St. in 1920. And it was around this time that they merged with Murray & Young, movers, to form the present company. Murray & Young were Thomas F. Murray (1887-?) and Chester Forrest Young (1884-1976). –  W. Grutchfield  FOR MORE SEE WALTER GRUTCHFIELD

In & Around Longacre Square – Sauerbraten – Unknown Restaurant – Longacre Hotel – Marie Anne O’Donnell

© Marie Anne O’Donnell

Rooms $1.00 With Bath $1.50 Longacre Hotel – Longacre Square © Marie Anne O’Donnell

May 1909 – Fulton History dot com

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