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Eaglo Paints

Frank H. Jump in Front of Eaglo Paint Ad – Nostrand Avenue & Glenwood Road – Flatbush 2001

Taken by Dr. Andrew Irving, Professor of Visual Anthropology, University of Manchester © Irving

This was taken by Dr. Andrew Irving a year before this ad was covered up. For more history of this ad go to the Fading Ad Campaign website. While I’m still editing for the publication of the eBook for this project, it is my desire to offer some of the images ahead of time.

Eaglo Paint Update from Robert Baptista

Eaglo Paint
© Frank H. Jump

Hi Frank,

The Eaglo Paint and Varnish Corporation was located at 49-20 Fifth St. in Long Island City. It was established in the early 1900s. Herbert E. Hillman was Technical Director for many years.

Attached [below] is an ad for Eaglo Paint that appeared in the Bridgeport Post on May 11, 1973.

The New York-New Jersey metropolitan area was home for many of the largest paint manufacturers such as Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore. The raw materials for paint, namely pigments, solvents, resins and additives, were readily available from local industries.


Eaglo Paint Ad

Thank you Robert!

Eaglo Paint Seasonal Quadripartite – – Signs and Vines Weather and Grow – – Flatbush Junction, Aug '98 – June '99

Eaglo Paint Quadripartite
© Frank H. Jump

This sign, formerly on Nostrand Avenue & Glenwood Road- near Brooklyn College- illustrated the effects of nature on a fading ad, which made it a dynamic reminder of the passing of time- not to mention ones own mortality.

The last image was taken on June 22, 1999- and is in an unusual summer state for this entwining symbiosis of signage and vinage. Apparently the roots were cut and the healthy, lush leaves have withered in the summer sun- another unexpected death.

Signs and vines weather and grow.
Brick, pigment, plant and lime-
Tenuously intertwined through time.
As paint degrades and image fades,
Soft tones evolve
From salmon pinks and jades-
Into sand and grime.

Frank H. Jump

In 2000, a very comprehensive thesis on photography called Are Photographs Copies of the World? -An Interactive Study By George Carey Simos (University of Wales) is published on the web HERE -and includes the Eaglo Paint Quadripartite.



Aug 2002