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Children’s Clothing

Blogg & Littauer – Jacob Propos & Sons – West 26th Street – Chelsea, NYC – Laura Friedman

“Ladies & Children’s Plush Cloth Coats”© Laura Friedman

Kraanen – Sportswear – Mens & Womens Clothing – Children’s Shoes – Amersfoort, NL

April 2012 © Frank H. Jump

Featured Fade – Darling Shop – Ladies Childrens Apparel – Rochester, NY – Larry Tenenbaum

© Larry Tenenbaum

Frank –

My daughter Allison and I recently joined you for the Open House New York walking tour of the fading ads of Tribeca, and we had a great time (despite the rainy weather). I don’t know if your interest extends all the way to Rochester, but I was there last week, and saw the attached fading ad from my hotel room in the Hyatt Regency. It appears to say “Darling Shop Ladies Childrens Apparel.” It’s near the corner of Main and Stone Streets in the middle of downtown Rochester.

Allison and I now regularly send each other pictures of fading ads that we happen upon. Thanks for helping to spark an interest that we can enjoy together.

Larry Tenenbaum – October 29, 2012

Thank you Larry! I’m glad you had a good time. Thank you for the pic. Give my regards to Allison and looking forward to your next pic! Best, Frank

Featured Fades – Lipton’s – A Place to Shop for Women & Children & Bloomfield’s Best Hatter & Haberdasher – Fischer’s Men’s Shop at the Centre – Bloomfield, NJ – James Curran, 2010

Bloomfield, NJ 2010 © James Curran

BLOOMFIELD — A rare glimpse of Depression-era Bloomfield is on display just steps away from the town center, where two old-time advertisements painted on the brick side of a Washington Street building have been unveiled after being covered up since the 1930s.

Now the advertisements, and the wall they’re painted on at the corner of the corner of Washington Street and Lackawanna Place across from the train station, are slated to be razed too, as part of the town’s redevelopment plan.

The ads for Lipton’s department store and Fischer’s, a men’s clothing and hat shop, are relics of a bygone era in Bloomfield and evoke a certain nostalgia among some of the town’s older residents, said Jean Kuras, president of the Bloomfield Historical Society. – Aliza Appelbaum – The Star-Ledger

 Lipton’s – A Place to Shop for Women & Children

13 Broad Street at the Centre © James Curran

Courtesy of Bloomfield History dot org

Bloomfield’s Best Hatter & Haberdasher – Fischer’s Men’s Shop at the Centre

Stetson Hats - Manhattan Shirts © James Curran

Courtesy of Bloomfield History dot org

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Fading Lawyers Sign – Children's Clothes Pentimento – Sheepshead Bay

© Frank H. Jump

Brand Names - Discount Prices - From Infants to Teens © Frank H. Jump