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Auto Dealers

Chevrolet – 1927 – Springfield, CO

© Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

Peugeot Fournier – Marseille, FR – Gaia Son

© Gaia Son

© Gaia Son

© Gaia Son

London Motors Service – Dodge – 475 Flushing Avenue – Williamsburg, Brooklyn

© Vincenzo Aiosa

Brooklyn Eagle – Courtesy of Fulton History

Day Motor Co. Inc. – Ford Sales & Service – 1926 Syracuse Auto Show Ad – Syracuse, NY

© Vincenzo Aiosa

© Vincenzo Aiosa

Sunday, February 7, 1926 – Syracuse American – Courtesy of Fulton History – Tom Tryniski – CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE

Queens Correspondent – Marie Anne O’Donnell – Ford – E. Krieger & Son – Automotive – Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce Member 1921 – Queensboro Plaza


© Google Books

Oldsmobile Tintype – Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn

iPhone shot © Frank H. Jump

  • Previous Oldsmobile posting on November 15, 2008

Ford – American Industrialist & Anti-Semite – Far Rockaway, QU

© Frank H. Jump

  • Henry Ford– American industrialist and anti-semite. – Wikipedia

The Ford publication The International Jew, the World’s Foremost Problem. Articles from The Dearborn Independent, 1920

According to Wikipedia, Ford was the only American mentioned in Mein Kampf (p.639).

Auto Alley – East Cermak & South Indiana – Chicago, IL

© Frank H. Jump

© Vincenzo Aiosa

© Vincenzo Aiosa


New York City has led many lives. In a place that is famous for never resting, sometimes the only history that survives are the buildings that go quietly untouched and the painted signs that are slowly fading from their bricks.

Frank Jump has been documenting this unsung history for the last 20 years. His latest book, Fading Ads of New York City celebrates this rarely recognized piece of history. So we thought his new book would be a good excuse to ask Jump to share some of the automotive related advertisements he’s collected over the years.

He sent us an assortment of everything from carriage builders to tires. Some ads are from the book, and a few others can be found on his blog. Most of these are from the New York City area, but Jump has gone well beyond the five boroughs to find his art. For example, if the ad in the full photo gallery that simply states “Sign and Auto Painting” seems a little too small potatoes for NYC, that’s probably because it is from Evel Knievel’s hometown of Butte, Montana.

Jump’s photos are a worthwhile journey into a world of art and history that are exposed to the masses every day but are appreciated by few. Check out the full photo gallery for more auto pics, go to Jump’s blog for all types of other signs, or get the book to see them all in high-gloss glory.

Featured Fade – Coca-Cola – Parsons Ford – Binghamton, NY – Nick Hirshon

Vintage Coca-Cola ad

© Nick Hirshon

January 1928 - Vintage Coca-Cola calendar ad

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