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H. Kohnstamm in Red Hook Revisited – Robert Baptista's Historical Website on Colourants & Dyes

© Frank H. Jump An extensive history is provided on Robert Baptista’s colorantshistory.org Here are some excerpts from his letter to me: Frank – Thanks for allowing the use of your photos at my website. I have posted the Kohnstamm plant photo and the Reckitt’s Blue photo, with links to you, at my web page. […]

H. Kohnstamm – Red Hook, Brooklyn 1999

© Frank H. Jump

Colorants History dot org blog – Robert Baptista

Atlas Colors Food Dye Tin Labelled Oroline Yellow Photo: Courtesy of Bill Bossemeyer. – Colorants History.org H. Kohnstamm 1999 H. Kohnstamm 2008