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Featured Fade – Fletcher’s Castoria Ad Revealing Itself – Park Slope, Brooklyn – One More Folded Sunset

Hi Frank, You’ve probably seen this one. It’s been slowly revealing itself over the last several years, but it’s still hard to read. Pretty sure it’s ASTORIA at the bottom, so maybe it’s for the Astoria Savings Bank (there used to be one nearby on Fifth Avenue)? And you can see “… you have bought” […]

A Week of Instagrams – Pan Am Ephemera, Fletcher’s Castoria, Street Art, Vintage Milk Crates, Hats, Shoes & Vagrants

Bloomingdales – All Cars Transfer to Bloomingdale’s – Chas. H. Fletcher’s – Fletcher’s Castoria – Second Avenue – East Harlem, NYC

According to Michael J. Lisicky in his book Gimbels Has It (History Press, 2011), Bloomingdale’s was regarded as “the uptown Macy’s” until the 1950s. The well-known slogan “All Cars Transfer to Bloomingdale’s” appealed to a wide range of customers who also shopped at Gimbels and Macy’s. Founded in 1872 by Joseph and Lyman Bloomingdale, the […]

Fletcher’s Castoria – Broadway – Bushwick, Brooklyn

Fletcher’s Castoria – Richmond Terrace, SI

Queens Correspondent – Marie Anne O’Donnell – Fletcher’s Castoria Ad Remnant – The Kind You Have Always Bought – 39th Avenue – Astoria, Queens

Fletcher’s Castoria – In Use for Over 30 Years – Bushwick, Brooklyn

1871 – The Centaur Company is formed by Charles H. Fletcher at 80 Varick Street, New York, New York to manufacture Pitcher’s Castoria after purchasing the rights and formula from Dr. Pitcher. It was renamed Fletcher’s Castoria. He partnered with with Joseph B. Rose who had, in the same year, purchased forumla for Centaur Liniment. […]

Fletcher’s Castoria – Weehawken, NJ

Fletcher’s Castoria – East Williamsburg, Brooklyn 2005

1868, May 12: The “U.S. Patent Office grants patent to Dr. Samuel Pitcher of Barnstable, Massachusetts for a cathartic composed of senna, sodium bicarbonate, essence of wintergreen, taraxicum, sugar and water.” There is a copy of the Patent here, it is somewhat large. 1871 – The Centaur Company is formed by Charles H. Fletcher at […]

Fletcher’s Castoria – Archer Avenue – Jamaica, Queens