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Creative Times Hosted BROOKLYN BLOGADE @ Faan on Smith Street

Eleanor & Mike - Creative Times
Eleanor Traubman & Mike Sorgatz – Creative Times Blog

Faan Table
Mao guards the tables at Faan.

Mike & Eleanor
Mike & Eleanor

Blogade @ Faan
Party favors courtesy of Pete Solomita (Little Buddy Biscuit Company)
& Ann Lopatin Blue Ribbon General Store.

Faan Table

Adrian - Brit in Brooklyn
Adrian Kinloch (Brit In Brooklyn)

Chandru - I'm Seeing Green
Chandru Murthi (I’m Seeing Green)

Joyce - Bad Girl Blog
Joyce Hanson (My Bad Girl Blog)

Katia - Pardon Me For Asking
Katia Kelly (Pardon Me For Asking)

Morgan - Brooklyn Optimist
Morgan Pehme (Brooklyn Optimist) Check out his recap of today’s get-together!

Rob, Petra, Chandru
Rob Lenihan (Luna Park Gazette), Petra “The Changeling” Symister (Bed-Stuy Blog) & Chandru

Petra & Chandru
Petra & Chandru

Eleanor & Adrian
Eleanor & Adrian

Xris & Rob
Xris Kreussling (Flatbush Gardener) & Rob

Xris Kreussling

Morgan from Brooklyn Optimist does a great job at summing up our lovely lunch and brainstorming session. Thanks Eleanor & Mike for hosting this monthly Brooklyn Bloggers event!

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