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January 20th, 2013:

10th annual Open House New York – PLANET CHOCKO – art/music/movies/beyond – October 9th, 2012 by Mr. C

On Saturday, I was able to attend 3 open house NY events. The 1st was a walk through Chelsea to rediscover old NYC and the fading ads that silently adorn to the buildings as people passby without ever noticing them. The handpainted signs/ads that cling onto these old buildings tell a great story on the history of our city! Photographer, author, and NYC Historian – Frank Jump led the talks and walks with much enthusiasm & knowledge! Checkout Frank’s book & blog called ‘Fading Ads of New York City‘. He seems to have a great passion in unearthing the New York of yesteryear by discovering and examining old signs and the businesses they were representing.

(The enthusiastic Frank Jump leading the talks & the walks on Fading ads in NYC! He takes us to a few signage gems in the Chelsea/Flatiron area.)

Frank Jump @ Chelsea Walks Fading Ads Tour

(Miss Weber’s Millinery Shop on 48 W.22nd Street)

(Phillip Morris – America’s Finest Cigarette)

(Griffin Shears – nailfiles*Tweezers*nippers*manicure sets)

(A. Steinhardt & Bros. – 860 Broadway)

(Crown Coat Fronts by Union Square)

(An example of when a building uses handpainted signage for each floor of the building)


PLANET CHOCKO – 10th annual Open House New York.

Oldsmobile Tintype – Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn

iPhone shot © Frank H. Jump

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