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[Auto] Storage – SE Stark – Portland, OR – Featured Fade, Howie Schechter

© Howie Schechter

Just found this in Portland in industrial SE. Was an automotive storage warehouse, then a service shop for ambulances and now an urban winery (of course). Happy Pesach, baby!! – Howie Schechter

Featured Fade – Saddle Horses For Sale – Del’Osso Farms, Lathrop CA – Ilene Browning

© Ilene Browning

© Ilene Browning

Back in 2009, Enzo and I were on our cross-country tour in our RV and we passed this at about 60 miles an hour and could not figure out how to turn around and get it. My high school buddy Ilene said she lived around there and would snap it for me. It’s only been five years, but it was worth the wait. Thank you Ilene!

Del’Osso farms has the worlds largest corn maze at halloween and site of the Mud Run. – Ilene Browning

Featured Fade: Gruhn Guitars – Fine Selection of Used & New Instruments – Nashville, TN – Alison Fraser

We Pay Top Dollar For Used Guitars, Banjoes & Mandolins – FX by FHJ with Snapseed © Alison Fraser

(Thank you David Drake)

Hollywood Tuxedo Rental – Chicago, IL – Circa 1972 – Featured Fade – Marian Saska

© Marian Saska

This was from the very first time I went out to take pictures of painted ads! 1972, between April and June (can’t narrow it down any more than that). It was on 59th St. in the Chicago Lawn neighborhood — the ad is long gone. I had it digitized from an Instamatic print, which accounts for the quality. I’m glad you like it — I chose it especially for your birthday. – Marian Saska

Featured Fade – Kraft Cleaners – Fur Storage – 3 Hour Cleaning – Peekskill, NY – David Silver

© David Silver

Reflections on The Boston Store, Chicago – Featured Fade, Peter Anderson

© Peter Anderson

The dry goods emporium began life on this site in 1873 when Charles Netcher opened the Boston in a small 5-story building. The story goes that he was so dedicated to seeing the enterprise become a success that he spent his nights sleeping on showcase counter tops in order to spend as much time in the store as possible. His dedication paid off, and in 1891 after marrying ladies undergarment buyer Mollie Alpiner, the pair began acquiring property surrounding the store. Not wanting to show his hand and overpay, Netcher used third parties and pseudonyms to buy, or lease for 99 year terms, the half block fronting State Street and running west along Madison Street to Dearborn.Designs Linger 

Courtesy of John Chuckman – CLICK FOR LINK

Not to be confused with The Boston Store of Erie, Pennsylvania.

University of Chicago – Digital Library – CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE

Peter Anderson works in the financial sector but writes fiction, “to ease the crushing monotony of corporate life.” Anderson lives and writes in Joliet, Illinois and his novel Wheatyard was published by Kuboa Press in 2013.

Bonded Warehouse – West Side Highway – Serpent Graffiti – Featured Fade, Barbara Snow

© Barbara Snow

Will The Real Santini Bros Moving & Storage Company Please Stand Up! – S. Santini – Mayflower – Moving & Storage – Bronx, NY – Fabio Aiosa

4770 White Plains Road – Bronx © Fabio Aiosa

Hue & Saturation by FHJ – © Fabio Aiosa

NOT CONNECTED WITH ANY OTHER SANTINI – Courtesy of Our Old Neighborhood Postcards – CLICK FOR LINK

Much like the “Ray’s Pizza Original” claims, and other pizza rivalries in Brooklyn & Manhattan – The Santini Brothers Saga is similar – they are the Original Ray’s Pizza of moving and storage. In the October 10th, 1942 edition of The New Yorker magazine, in  THE TALK OF THE TOWN section, an article  entitled Chaos – By Gardner Botsford & Russell Maloney  - the Santini Bros conundrum was humourously addressed.


According to Shorpy,

Fleet truck [above] of Santini Brothers Storage and Warehouse (not to be confused with any other Santinis). The “square” at W 170th St & Jerome Ave in the Bronx was dedicated to the brothers in 1981. The seven brothers were Pasquale, Pietro, Paride, Rinaldo, August Godfrey and Martin who started the business in 1905. Rinaldo was the last to die in 1980.

Courtesy of TV By the Numbers – CLICK FOR LINK

Featured Fade – Roark’s Tavern – Al Cohen’s Sport Shop – Monticello, NY – Michael Pearl

© Michael Pearl

Courtesy of Old Fulton NY Post Cards By Tom Tryniski – FultonHistory.com – CLICK FOR LINK

Thank you Mayde!

Featured Fade – Nick Hirshon – W.H. Smith Hardware Co – Wholesale Since 1874 – Oil & Gas Museum – Parkersburg, WV

Lumbering, Tackle, Chain Dog. ??? Grayscale- CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE © Nick Hirshon

Men of West Virginia, 1903 – © Google Books

W.H. Smith Hardware Company Building, also known as the Oil and Gas Museum of the Oil, Gas and Industrial Historical Association, is a historic commercial building located at Parkersburg, Wood County, West Virginia. It was built in 1899, on the foundation of a building built about 1874. It is a four-story, masonry building with Romanesque Revival architectural details. The rectangular building measure 60 feet by 120 feet, with an 18 feet by 12 feet outcrop. It housed the W.H. Smith Hardware Company until the 1980s. It now houses the Oil and Gas Museum. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2003. - Wikipedia

W.H. Smith Company was founded in 1886 by William H. Smith and for decades occupied the W.H. Smith Hardware building in downtown Parkersburg. In 1975 Vin Rathbone purchased the company from William A. Smith and in the 1980s moved the company to its current location on DuPont Road in Parkersburg.  W.H.Smith Company, a certified small business, has a proud history dating back more than 135 years – and is a leader in producing Hose Assemblies and Systems and Load Securing and Material Handling Products, primarily for military applications. We provide value added services including assembly, light fabrication, welding, painting and testing. - WH Smith Co. Website