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Broadway Sleep Mart – Furniture Manufacturing – Bushwick, Brooklyn

Saturated & Grayscaled – Split & Stacked © Frenzo

This sign looks pre-1950s © Vincenzo Aiosa

Above the lower left window you can see the word ‘furniture’ in turn-of-the-century fonts © Vincenzo Aiosa

NY Companies Index – CLICK FOR LINK

NY Companies Index – CLICK FOR LINK

Vincenzo took the shots above on Park Avenue just south of Broadway with his iPhone. So this is my theory. From the look of the fonts and the weathering, the signs written on the brick between the windows are clearly very early 20th-century (c.1910). My guess is the sign for Broadway Sleep Mart can be anywhere from 1930′s to 1940′s. I’m going to assume that the proprietors conducted their business at the Park Avenue location for several decades and then outgrew their space and moved up the street on Broadway. The public records above show the address at 835 Broadway with an incorporation of 1956 – up the street a bit in a larger space, now a laundromat. Vincenzo also points out that the Park Avenue location may have been maintained as a warehouse. I’m also inferring from these records that in 1962, they changed the name of the store.

Divine Wood Furniture & Bedding Mascot – Port Richmond, SI

© Frank H. Jump

Featured Fade – Sealy – Mattresses – Lexington & 32, NYC – Noah Salty Pardo


© Noah Salty Pardo

Hemley Supply Company Revisited & The Fickle Finger of Fate – Bushwick, Brooklyn

© Ellen Hemley

© Ellen Hemley

Often Vincenzo or I will snap a hand-painted sign and a whole history will reveal itself. Sometimes the past is a bit more elusive and the juxtaposing hints belie the writing on the wall. Last year I posted Vincenzo’s images of the Hemley Supply Company thinking it was a sheet metal supply. Earlier this week I received this e-mail from Debbie Hemley:

Hi Frank,

I came across your book today and was thrilled to find it. What a wonderful collection of images and great thing to document!

My father’s old warehouse for mattresses and bedding supplies, in the Williamsburgh section of Brooklyn had that type of painted ad and none of us had been down there in almost twenty years. We’re all in Massachusetts now. Earlier this year my sister went to the location at 300 Meserole Street and we were thrilled to discover that the painted ad was still there and hadn’t faded! Attaching photos that she took.

Loved too to learn that you’re a long-term survivor of AIDS. I’m a long-term survivor of Leukemia and there’s something so unique and transforming about longterm survivorship–that not everyone quite gets.

All best,
Debbie Hemley

As fate has it, not only did Debbie’s e-mail solve another mystery, but it confirms the transformative nature of survival. Why some of us die after diagnosis and treatment and why some of us endure will still remain a mystery.

H.G. Turloi – Horloges – Watchman – Produit de Literie – Dominion Mattresses & Bedding – Montreal, QC

© Vincenzo Aiosa



© Frank H. Jump