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Thinking About Solar Panels with Solar City? Think again!

After finally getting our solar panels from Solar City in February 2017 – a whole year after signing up for it due to endless paperwork and delays – with six months into being online, we are paying more than we paid before the solar panels were installed. We were told by Solar City if the system was not offsetting the cost of the utility bill, they could easily add more panels. Now I’m being told that more panels would require a separate contract agreement. This was not what I was told by my representative. This is what I told Solar City I would do:

Dear Ms. Katz-

As per our conversation, here are the last three bills from Delmarva you requested. My bills are not being offset as promised and I will start blogging my over 1,000 viewer a day audience about what I see as misrepresentation on the part Solar City. I was told I could easily add more solar panels is the cost was not offset and now I’m being told that a new contract for additional panels would be initiated. I am not happy with your product and representation of your product and I will start blogging about this immediately. I was part of your referral program but I could not in good conscience ever refer anyone to Solar City after my experience with you. The endless waiting, the paperwork involved and the anti-climax of a system that didn’t lower my bill at ALL but now I am paying more.


Frank H. Jump
Author of Fading Ads of New York City (History Press, 2011)
& Fading Ad Blog

So if you are thinking about getting solar panels with Solar City, think again. From my experience it is a giant solar scam.

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