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October, 2015:

Willy Jump – Frank Jump as Midnight Cowboy – Menorah Nursing Home & Rehabilitation Center – Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn

© Frank H. Jump

Cool Sweet Smoke – Patersed – May 25, 1885 – Cincinnati, OH

© Frank H. Jump

Patersed – May 25, 1885

May, Stern & Co. – Furniture & Carpeting – Cash or Credit – Cincinnati, OH

© Frank H. Jump

In 1906 Spiegel’s mail order sales were nearly $1 million, far exceeding anyone’s expectations. To handle the overwhelming success of the mail order operation, a new company—Spiegel, May, Stern and Company—was formed, allowing the Spiegel House Furnishings Company to devote its limited resources to conventional retailing, rather than assume the debts associated with building up the mail order segment. – Wikipedia

cropped from larger ad below – Spiegel, May, Stern, & Co. Newspaper Advertisement in The Los Angeles Herald (May 10, 1908)

The Los Angeles Herald (May 10, 1908)

1958 Spiegel Catalog Cover, open source from the Spiegel Website and Facebook group. They give open license to use on-line. – Wikipedia

Two Guys From Massapequa – circa 1962

Frank Jump circa 1962 © Frank H. Jump

How Much Is That Michelin Man In The Window? Souvenirs – Chartres, FR – Gaia Son, Lowlands Correspondent

Au Plaisir d’Offrir – The Joy of Giving © Gaia Son

© Gaia Son

Michelin Tires – Cairo, Egypt – Iman R. Abdulfattah, Cairo Correspondent

Michelin ad on 26th of July Street, Bulaq, Cairo © Iman R. Abdulfattah

Pueblo Auto Parts & Tire Co – Bernstein Bros. – Pueblo, CO – Featured Fade (& Repaint) – Vance Bass

© Vance Bass

© Vance Bass

Hi, Frank,

Here are a couple of shots from Pueblo Colo. The first is one I took in 2003 of a gorgeous sign I thought might be destroyed, judging by the construction tape, dumpster, etc. The second photo is from 2005, showing the repaint. I’m not sure it’s an improvement, as the faded version was in quite good condition, but at least they recognized that it’s worth keeping. – Vance Bass

Erected in 1882 and owned by Eugene Diekman, this building housed Pueblo Auto Parts in 1889 then the Bernstein Bros. Auto Parts and Tires in the early 1900s. – Waymarking dot com 

N 38° 16.132 W 104° 36.441
13S E 534347 N 4235719

I.M. Hayes – Tin Shop – Selma, AL

© Frank H. Jump

Archer Stores – Everything For The Home & Car – Wholesale Housewares – East Elmhurst, QU

© Frank H. Jump

Abandoned (?) Trailways Bus Terminal – Selma, AL

© Frank H. Jump