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J. Michaels Furniture – Ft. Greene, Brooklyn

© Vincenzo Aiosa


  1. Amy Bryant says:

    how can I buy an enlarged photograph of the J. Michaels fadingad?

    1. fadingad says:

      Yes you can! In what size and in what price range are you thinking?

      1. Amy says:

        Not sure.. How big will this blow up? And is it possible to print it on a paper that will stay nice in a covered area outside?

        1. fadingad says:

          Anything larger that 24 inches will show pixelation.

          1. Amy says:

            Ok- then I will do 24 inches. Could I buy the JPEG actually? I’m planning to do multiple prints for other family. And do you have any other pics of j. Michaels ads? This is my family’s old company..so I love it!

          2. fadingad says:

            Sure, let me confirm this with Vincenzo.

          3. fadingad says:

            Neat. I’ll look for other pics of J. Michaels we may have. email me at frankjump [at] fadingad [dot] com so we can talk about particulars privately. Looking forward to hearing from you! Frank

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