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Reflections on The Boston Store, Chicago – Featured Fade, Peter Anderson

© Peter Anderson

The dry goods emporium began life on this site in 1873 when Charles Netcher opened the Boston in a small 5-story building. The story goes that he was so dedicated to seeing the enterprise become a success that he spent his nights sleeping on showcase counter tops in order to spend as much time in the store as possible. His dedication paid off, and in 1891 after marrying ladies undergarment buyer Mollie Alpiner, the pair began acquiring property surrounding the store. Not wanting to show his hand and overpay, Netcher used third parties and pseudonyms to buy, or lease for 99 year terms, the half block fronting State Street and running west along Madison Street to Dearborn.Designs Linger 

Courtesy of John Chuckman – CLICK FOR LINK

Not to be confused with The Boston Store of Erie, Pennsylvania.

University of Chicago – Digital Library – CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE

Peter Anderson works in the financial sector but writes fiction, “to ease the crushing monotony of corporate life.” Anderson lives and writes in Joliet, Illinois and his novel Wheatyard was published by Kuboa Press in 2013.

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