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July 9th, 2013:

The Fairmont Creamery Co. – Rapid City, SD

© Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

14 February 2006:
Fairmont Creamery Company Building added to National Register of Historic Places

Fairmont Creamery Company Building, Rapid City 1929 (listed) – North America Within the logic of the TGN thesaurus, the nations of North America are linked to the continent called “North and Central America.”

Pennington County – Rapid City, South Dakota Located on Rapid Creek; important gold trade center 1880s; site of Dakota School of Mines & Technology (1885), Ellesworth Air Force Base, nearby Mount Rushmore & Crazy Horse Memorial; suffered flash flood in June 1972.

South Dakota, United States Inhabited mainly by agrarian Arikara and nomadic Sioux when French and Spanish came in 18th cen.; part of Louisiana Purchase of 1803; homesteaded by Germans, Scandinavians & Russians in mid-19th cen.; gold rush precipitated infamous Indian Wars late 19th cen.

United States 1776 Settled 40,000 years ago by ancestors of Amerindians; diverse cultures developed; Spanish, French, British and others settled here from 16th cen., native cultures were largely destroyed; nation expanded westward through 19th cen.; had Civil War in 1860s; official language is English, though a sizable minority speaks Spanish, and various other languages are also spoken. – Go Historic dot com