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April, 2013:

Six Months Since Superstorm Sandy – Battered But Showing Signs of Life – Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge

Google Maps – Before Sandy

This weekend, my mother and I took a look at the southern trail going west around the West Pond, which now has been reshaped into a tidal inlet by Hurricane Sandy. There is now need for a gondola ferry service. © Frank H. Jump

November 3, 2012 – NOAA image

An aerial view after Superstorm Sandy shows the breach to the West Pond. Salt water now pours into the pond, endangering the habitat for wildlife, including snapping turtles, muskrats and migrating birds. The National Park Service is mulling ways to restore a portion of the pond as freshwater. – Lisa Colangelo – NY DAILY NEWS

Osprey mating pair in nest © Frank H. Jump

Pines damaged by the salt water © Frank H. Jump

Great Egret mating pair © Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

Mt. Morris Baths – Harlem, NYC – Sandra Walker RI, Watercolourist

Inspired by the photograph of Mt. Morris Baths by Frank H. Jump 1997 in the book Fading Ads of NYC (History Press, 2011) © Sandra Walker RI

The Eighth Visual AIDS Vanguard Awards – VAVAVOOM! – Monday May 6, 2013


Engraving – Printing – Pioneer Square Area – Seattle, WA

© Frank H. Jump

[North Coast] Hendrix Electric Co. Supplies – Pioneer Square Area – Seattle, WA

What looks like North Coast is written underneath of Hendrix © Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

Bread of Life Mission – Come Unto Me – Neon Watercolor – Seattle, WA

© Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

Pleasant @ de Slang Amsterdam, NL



Surf & Turf – Public Market Neons – Seattle, WA – July 2009

© Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

Pleasant Takes Paris

Featured Fade – Pure Velvet Soap – Ballarat, Victoria – Australia – Dorothy Wilson

© Dorothy Wilson

Ballarat is a regional city/big country town just over 100 kilometres from Melbourne and was a big gold rush town in the 1850s.  – Nicole Wilson

Velvet Soap was first produced in Australia in 1900 and is their analog of Ivory Soap.