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Crédit National c. 1919 – Paris, FR – July 2010

Hue Adjusted in Photoshop for better clarity – CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE © Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

45 Rue St. Dominique © Frank H. Jump

Credit National – Pour faciliter la reparation des dommages causes par la guerre.
National Credit – To facilitate the repair of damage caused by the war.

The national credit was a French bank created by special law on October 10, 1919  at the nexus of the private sphere and the sphere of influence of the French State involved in the payment of war reparations and financing of small and medium enterprises. It has always been in the private sector and its employees have never had the status of civil servants, despite employment contracts and organization benefitting the public. – Wikipedia (FR)

The BFCE (French Foreign Trade Bank) founded Natixis in the spirit of privatization with a merger in 2006 of Natexis and Ixis. Apparently I caught this sign after the Natixis sign was taken down.  May 2008 © Google Maps

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