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Albers Rolled Oats – Frederick Hotel – Spokane, WA – July 2009 – History of Oregon – Bernard Albers

© Frank H. Jump

Look For The Miner – © Frank H. Jump


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  1. Maren says:

    Great photos & history of Mr. Albers. I worked in an architect’s office located in the Albers Mill building on NW Front Ave in Portland, OR in 1994-95. The building that once housed grains and oats had been converted into an office building. My desk was in the silo rooms that consisted of 3 round grain silos! For a first job I thought it was the best office ever! There is a wonderful painted sign on the exterior of the rounded silos that is exactly the same as the one shown. It faces the Broadway bridge that runs along side the building. Thank you for the wonderful history lesson!

    1. fadingad says:

      You are welcome. Took this shot three and a half years ago and just decided to post and research. Would love to see that mural in Portland.

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