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November 6th, 2012:

Featured Fade – Birra Itala Pilsen – Via Angarano, Bassano del Grappa (VI) – Diego D’Alba

Bassano del Grappa – Vicenza © Diego D’Alba

Birra Itala Pilsen

[Founded] in 1890, Padua Beer Cappellari recognized in 1916 by Rag. Henry Olivieri. In 1919, after the merger of Cappellari beer with beer Maura, a second factory in Padua, and [with] the input of the partner Giovanni Battista Fridge, the name was changed to Birra Itala Pilsen… History of Italian Beer

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Super Collection – Italian Beer Part Three

“Birra Itala Pilsen,” a vintage advertising poster by Leonetto Cappiello c. 1920 – CLICK FOR LARGE IMAGE

Leonetto Cappiello (9. April 1875 in Livorno, Italy – 2. February 1942 in Cannes, France) was an Italian poster artdesigner who lived in Paris. He is now often called ‘the father of modern advertising’ because of his innovation in poster design. The early advertising poster was characterized by a painterly quality as evidenced by early poster artists Jules Chéret, Alfred Choubrac and Hugo D’Alesi. Cappiello, like other young artists, worked in way that was almost the opposite of his predecessors. He was the first poster artist to use bold figures popping out of black backgrounds, a startling contrast to the posters early norm. – Wikipedia