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October, 2012:

The Wrath of Hurricane Sandy – Flatbush, Howard Beach & Broad Channel

These are pictures I shot today on our way to comfort family in Howard Beach who got flooded out during last night’s storm surge. On the way into Howard Beach, we took Linden Blvd going east. Two cyclers were drag-racing down Linden, all the way to South Conduit. When we got to Howard Beach, the scene was solemn. Residents who had access to generators and sump-pumps were siphoning water out of their basements, while others were using buckets. Evidence of the power of the storm-surge is clearly illustrated by the cars that were lifted and moved onto curbs as the water levels retreated. The Army Corp lined Cross Bay Blvd, and cars were being directed by traffic police since the power was out in the neighborhood.

The canal that runs up along Cross Bay Blvd in Howard Beach began to rise above flood stages at about 7PM on Monday night and the ankle deep water was cascading throughout the entire neighborhood on both sides of Cross Bay Blvd. By high tide at around 8PM the seawater was rushing through the entire community and was waist deep in areas closer to the canal. Old Howard Beach, which is between the canal and Jamaica Bay suffered worse than the rest of Howard Beach, although the Rockwood Park area, which to locals is called “New Howard Beach” was also badly flooded – with water coming from both the bay and canal. Hamilton Beach, which is the only designated area in Zone A – was naturally devastated, as was Broad Channel. Residents in Zone B, adjacent to the canal should have been warned to evacuate or vacate their basements. Many basements in and around the canal area had water up to the ceilings, some only receiving a foot or less.

The house adjacent to the rear of Waldbaum’s parking lot had an electrical fire the moment the seawater entered the basement and burned to the ground in minutes, the residents escaping with only moments to spare. Personal  effects like family photographs and religious items mixed with seawater, leaves and other debris as they quickly inundated basement apartments.

In Broad Channel, it was even more depressing. Most of the residents had already put their waterlogged furniture on the curbside. A boat had drifted into the median of this small island community that has witnessed many devastating floods in its history – but Sandy will be a hurricane that will long be remembered as the storm that uprooted their lives.


Bay Harbour

By 1908 William Howard owned 137 acres of land west of Hawtree Creek. The dredging had raised his land above the high water and more dredging would be on the way. Within the next decade the Shellbank Canal and East Hamilton Canal would be built and Hawtree Creek and Basin deepened. This was due to a government plan to build submarine pens within the sheltered creeks inside Jamaica Bay. The plan was eventually cancelled, but only after the dredging added more sand onto previously flood-prone marshes.

Bill Howard was now in a good position, even after the tragic loss of his hotel, the City of New York was debating various plans for Jamaica Bay area improvements and Howard stood to gain regardless of which competing plan was adopted.

The Bay Harbor Plan was the most ambitious. It called for construction of shipping ports, terminals, customs and warehouse facilities on the bay islands, the deepening of channels to support ocean going firefighters and the creation of a new port to relieve congestion in New York’s inner harbor

In addition, this plan called for the construction of twin Cross Island Canals from Flushing to Jamaica Bay. This would allow ocean-going ships to travel from Long Island Sound to Jamaica Bay and back without having to circumnavigate all of Long Island. The twin canals were surveyed to run just east of today’s Van Wyck Expressway.

The Tompkins Plan, in comparison, favored private and residential construction instead of a second port. These plans were proposed before the invention of the airplane. The Tompkins Plan meant more dredging and the bulk heading of waterfront property and encouragement of private real estate development. Howard couldn’t lose by either of the two plans; he could build either homes or port facilities.

The Tompkins Plan was approved in 1912 (while Tompkins was NYC Commissioner of Docks, making the Cross Island canals a footnote to Queens history. This decision gave a green light to William Howard for home construction; Howard Estates would soon become a reality.

Developers flocked to the area after the Tompkins Plan was approved. E.E. Meacham & Sons advertised in the New York papers to sell lots at Ramblersville starting at $59! Signs were erected in Ramblersville and South Aqueduct announcing the development of “Marcella Park. ” But the locals on the creek lived in Ramblersville and had no need to change their name to suit developers. It seemed that everyone now wanted a piece of the action, but Howard was already in place with the acreage in hand; none of the newcomers would catch him now. Home construction was about to begin in earnest on both sides of the railroad.

The first project for the Howard Estates Development Company was construction of Sand Beach and a private park for residents of Howard Beach Estates. Howard would build his beach and park (now Frank M. Charles Memorial Park) before he built his first home!  – Howard Beach dot com

relief, restore, rebuild, renew

© Frank H. Jump

Now it is time for all of us to come together and help our neighbors through this terrible catastrophe.

Jump O’Lantern

© Frank H. Jump

Waiting for Sandy’s Left Hook Punch


Patiently waiting for Sandy’s Left Hook Punch to hit the NYC area. First, we picked up Mom from Spring Creek – where there’s a threat of a storm surge – and then evacuated a friend’s mother who lives in Lido Beach – in flood zone A. Enzo and I secured our new Piaggio BV 350s safely in the shed and pulled our two Honda cycles into the backyard and covered them with a tarp. After a rather low-key and civilized shopping experience at the BJs at Canarsie Market – we are now stocked up with enough food for a week or two. For dinner, we poured the wine, said a berucha for a passover without incident. Elijah should be here any minute now.

It is eerily calm outside, a soft breeze with a bit of aged leaves and patchouli in the air. I walked to Lords Bakery for some apple pie and ice-cream and got there just before Andrew was closing up. Flatbush Junction was like a ghost town. With the trains already shut down, taxi cab drivers hawked for dollar fares to wherever. The walk back home was equally enjoyable. The rustle of leaves, the wind chasing debris down the avenue, turning down onto our ancient tree-lined street, an arboretum of towering century-old beauties – I wondered whether these gentle giants might uproot and wreak havoc on these historic and picturesque Dutch colonials – each one unique in their own design.

Earlier today on our garden terrace, I took pictures of our purple mums that finally all opened this week. The rust and burnt orange mums in the front yard have yet to all bloom. I’m hoping they aren’t Sandy blasted into oblivion.

© Frank H. Jump

Public Baths – Bain Généreux – Montréal, QC

© Frank H. Jump

Fading Ads of NYC featured in latest Entertainment Weekly – Hollywood Design Report – The Sets of Glee

October 26, 2012


In this issue of ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY go behind the magic of ABC’s hit fairy-tale mash-up Once Upon a Time, including which classic characters might be coming to Storybrooke in the future. Plus, Hollywood Design Report, highlighting the talent creating sets, props, and costumes for Once, Les Miserables, Glee, Skyfall, Boardwalk Empire, and more.


After an exhaustive search, set decorator Robert Kensinger found the janitor’s sink at an L.A.-area salvage yard and paired it with a beat-up cabinet. Though he added crystal glassware from H.D. Buttercup and artwork by Frank Jump and Gérard Uféras, Kensinger was careful not to over-decorate. “As time goes on, things will change, as if Kurt and Rachel went out and bought things or shopped at a flea market,” he says. TOMMY HILFIGER

Apparently, a photo of mine and a watercolor by Sandra Walker from my book The Fading Ads of New York City (History Press, 2011) that are used for a set in the latest season of Glee are being featured in this week’s EW! Just ordered them online. Can’t wait to read the article.

From The Fading Ads of NYC- History Press, 2011 © Frank H. Jump

From The Fading Ads of NYC – History Press, 2011 © Sandra Walker


HEY! Move that lamp! There’s my photo on the wall behind THAT LAMP!


Notice the fading ad on the wall outside of the window of Finn Hudson’s apartment. Flattering to see the influence my project has had on this set decorator.

Dalceggio Mural Art in Montreal, QC

On St. Denis Theatre door  © Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

Born in a remote fisherman village in Quebec in 1971, with a pencil in my hand, I knew very fast that my path would be different. I was building my own universe in secret, while seeming to follow a normal path. I was introduced to art by my father, who was painting as a hobby in our basement studio. I started to paint more seriously at 18, after a night of love with a muse. From that point on, I decided that I would from now on do only what I really loved in my life.

I am attracted more and more to large-scale project, like the creation of my dream, a traveling carousel “The Wheel of Freedom”, and multi-media seven minutes of whirling magical experience, for free, traveling in all big cites of the world. – Carlito Dalceggio Website

More Carlito Dalceggio on the Internet:

Produits Familex – Montréal, QC – CA

© Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

ON SALE Familex Culinary Secrets Cookbook, c1944 – Etsy

Courtesy of Fulton History


Antique Art Deco Belladonna Medicine Tin Box FAMILEX Montreal Co – Butter Yellow French Apothecary Pharmacy Decor Collectible – Etsy – CLICK

Familex Perfume circa 1938 – Museum of Perfume – CLICK

Courtesy of ANTIQUE QUÉBEC MEDICINE BOTTLES- Inhalant Rhumo-Vap Familex – The Familex Products Co, Montreal. – CLICK

Metal Box – Familex Thymol Throat Pastilles Gorge – Montréal
Walking Baie-Saint-Paul © Andre Vandal

SIGILLUM NOVI BELGII – Seal of the New Belgium – Museum of the City of New York

© Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

Seal of The Province of New Netherland, 1623

Two shields constitute the center of the seal. Superimposed upon a larger shield is a small shield depicting, in diagonal position, a beaver. A string of wampum, the dominant motif of the larger shield, encircles the small shield. Directly above the two shields and forming the crest is a count’s coronet positioned between single stars. Encircling the two shields is the printed legend, SIGILLUM NOVI BELGII. The whole is encircled by a sharply serrated wreath.

The beaver, signifying continuing prosperity, was the commodity upon which the original commerce of New Netherland was founded. In this era, both the beaver skin and wampum were used as money. The coronet of the count demonstrates that the Province of New Netherland had the armorial rights of a countship. The legend, SIGILLUM NOVI BELGII or “Seal of the New Belgium”, recalls an earlier time when the Belgium and Dutch Netherlands were one political entity. – SM Publications – The Resource Center for Silver Collectors, Dealers & Appraisers

Green Door Mini-Mall – Five Points – Denver, CO

© Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump

© Frank H. Jump