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Tivoli Beer ‘Folks, That’s Beer’ – American Beauty Macaroni Pentimento – Five Points, Denver CO


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American Beauty Macaroni Company – unfinished advertisement © Frank H. Jump

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Images of America – Northwest Denver – Mark Barnhouse – Arcadia Books © Google Books

In 1916, the Kansas City Macaroni Company merged with the Denver Macaroni Company and the AMERICAN BEAUTY Pasta Company was formed.

Rocco Sarli, an Italian immigrant, was at the helm. John Vagnino became a part-time owner. During the Great Depression, the company had the single largest geographic distribution of any American pasta brand.

AMERICAN BEAUTY remained in the hands of its two founding families, the Sarlis and the Vagninos through the mid-1960s.

AMERICAN BEAUTY products are manufactured at plant locations in Fresno, California, and St. Louis, Missouri, and its pasta is distributed throughout every state west of the Mississippi River. It is a leading brand in a number of regions.

AMERICAN BEAUTY is part of the New World Pasta family of brands, the leading dry pasta manufacturer in the United States. New World Pasta brands include Ronzoni® Healthy Harvest®, Ronzoni® Smart Taste® and Ronzoni Garden Delight®. – American Beauty Website

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