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Brouwerij de Ridder – The Knight Brewery – Maastricht, NL

Brouwerÿ de Ridder © Frank H. Jump

Ridder - Knight © Frank H. Jump

Last of a dying brew © Frank H. Jump

Brewery De Ridder is a former brewery in Maastricht. The city’s brewery was located in Wyck, in the eastern city [east of the Maas River]. For decades, the lager Ridder Pils was brewed, and since the 80s of last century, the wheat beer Wieck White [as well]. The acquisition of the brewery by beer giant Heineken and the success of the wheat beer, have led to the production [being] transferred to other locations and a brewery on the banks of the Meuse [Maas] is now standing empty. For the monumental [historical building], plans for redevelopment are [have been] made. – Wikipedia (translated by Chrome to English)

History of the brewery – from Nederlandse Bierpaginas

Since 1857, the Brewery Knight [was] between Levee & Law Streets [Oeverwal en Rechtstraat] in Wyck-Maastricht. It was founded by the brewing family Van Aubel, when Maastricht counted more than forty breweries. Before the start of World War I, there were twenty-four. Between 1919 and 1940, the number deteriorated to nine, including two monastery breweries. These monastery breweries and brewers Eberhard, Th. Grein and Eugene Marres quit after World War II. Additionally, St. Servatius Brewery (a Heineken daughter, formerly The Black Horse) at the Anna Avenue, Marres-Ceulen in Capucijnenstraat corner of Grand Canal [also closed]. And on the east bank in Wijck: Brewery ‘The emperor’ in the NA Bosch Wijcker Grachtstraat and the Knight of the Levee. In 1971 Bosch closes, and the last brewery – The Knight goes on alone. In 1982, De Ridder continued as a family business, under the Heineken umbrella until its closing in late 2002. – for more info, click here.

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