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On Nostalgia – New York Times Online Mentions Fading Ad Blog – FAB!

J. David Goodman of the New York Times Online was kind enough to mention our blog today.

Another place where the city’s past continues to endure: the sides of buildings. Fading Ads tracks these in daily dispatches from our enduring landscape. Plus ça change … –  J. David Goodman

Here is my response to his article:

Gloria Steinem said on the Bill Maher Show that “nostalgia is a form of obstructionism.” Can we move forward without looking back? Some do very easily- progress without looking where they’ve been. Others need the past as a reference. Nonetheless, the old ways are surely fading and the new ways need a tutorial. The challenge is keeping oneself ahead of the learning curve. Thanks for the mention Mr. Goodman!

Bill Maher show - Close Captioning - Fading Ad Wiki on Nostalgia

Check out my page on Nostalgia @ Fading Ad Wiki!

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