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Barbary Coast – San Diego’s ‘In Spot’ – New California Theatre – San Diego, CA – Mitch Paluszek

© Mitch Paluszek

The picture was taken from the corner of 3rd Ave and B Street in downtown San Diego; the building on which this is painted is at 4th and C. The building itself is a gem; the old “California Theater.” Shuttered now. – Mitch Paluszek

Saturated and hue altered to enhance text by Frank H. Jump – picture by Mitch Paluszek

This Spanish Colonial Revival theater was built in 1927 and seated over 2200 patrons. Once a premiere venue for the city, the theater has been in disuse for decades. Although the California was renovated in 1988, two years later it was again scheduled for demolition. Now, in addition to restorations, plans call for a wide redevelopment of the entire area, which should bring the theater back into the spotlight and out from the shadows of time.Cinema Treasures

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