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United Railway Telegraph School – Coca-Cola – Graffiti – Urban Ediglyph – Fading Ad Wiki – The Tenderloin – San Francisco, CA

© Frank H. Jump

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See Ediglyph definition on the Fading Ad Wiki.

ediglyph a term Jump invented from the words edifice (building) and petroglyph (ancient stone wall etching). Ediglyphs encompass fading ads and graffiti. – Fading Ad Wiki

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  1. ariana says:

    hello i am part of a mural organization called precita eyes who was just hired to restore some of the old signs in the tenderloin. i have been trying to figure out what the signs originally said, and was wondering if you had any information or leads that could help us out. please email me, ariana@precitaeyes.org or call (415) 285-2287. any information you could pass along would be of tremendous help.
    ariana terrence

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