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Frans Broekveldt III – 2 Oktober 1940 – 9 Februari 2009 – Amsterdam – Badhoevendorp, NL

Frans Broekveldt as a child.

Frans Broekveldt III as a child.

Frans Broekveldt III - Adolescent in the Dam Square

Frans Broekveldt III – Adolescent in the Dam Square

Frans as a young adult.

Frans as a young adult.

Rekening from our last meal together with my mother at a local Chinese restaurant.

“Rekening” from our last meal together with my mother at a local Chinese restaurant.

My maternal uncle, Frans Broekveldt III died in his sleep over the weekend in his new home in Badhoevendorp, Amsterdam. Frans was survived by his wife Dickey Broekveldt, two daughters Susan & Sonia, and his grand daughter Linsey and grand son Rick and his only sister Willy Broekveldt-Jump. Condolences may be sent to the family Broekveldt – Azaleastraat 38, 1171WV, Badhoevendorp, Amsterdam, NL and Willy Jump, 1445 Geneva Loop 17E, Brooklyn NY 11239. 

I’ll always remember him listening to his Ben E. King albums up in the attic bedroom on the Geuzenstraat. On occasion he would read to me from his thick oversized book about evolution or rail against the evil imperialist and racist America. He loved his motorcycle when he was riding it. He cherished his grandchildren and family. 


  1. Tricia says:

    “He loved his motorcycle when he was riding it.” Evocative sentence.

  2. 2/15/09 Frank…. still trying to figure out Face Book and/or how to e-mail you in lieu of or along with VA…. ya know? Stumbled on your memorial items for your Uncle and like much that comes from your mind: delightful and very special. A lot said and expressed with a few portraits, a receipt – and few
    words. I would very much like for you to do a memorial for me and Jimmy when that time comes.
    You enrich lives with great generosity: thanks,
    Pal. XOXO JRS

  3. fadingad says:

    Hey Mr. Sullivan- A blog entry for your eulogy will be a given. It’s the memorial PARTY that will require an entire staff. All of the guest invites, the menu, the themed decor, photographing the event and then the post-Memorial products line: DVD and CD of the music, tableware, snack items, hair products, fashion accessories and full line of adult gifts. What a challenge. Please don’t die soon. We need to sit down and brainstorm.

  4. Rudy Leine says:

    Frans and I have been very good friends. We had the nicknames Ghandy and Goof when we wear about 16 to 18 years old.I live in Brazil for many and many years. This days I was remembering about him and started an internet search and found this page. Frans I will meet you in the future, thanks that you have been my friend.

    1. fadingad says:

      My mother Willy and I are in Amsterdam. If you are available, send me a message. Would be great to see you. Frank

  5. fadingad says:

    Thank you for sharing your memories of my uncle. I will forward your comments to his wife and children. Perhaps they didn’t know he was Gandhi all these years. Beste, Frank

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