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July, 2008:

Côtes du Rhône The Day After The First of Two Nuclear Accidents

Côtes du Rhône – Near Carpentras – July 9, 2008

© Frank H. Jump

Vincenzo and I had the privilege of driving through Côtes du Rhône, France during two nuclear accidents that occurred on July 8th and July 18th at the Tricastin Powerplant near Avignon.

Repeated incidents raise questions about French nuclear safety – By GREG KELLER | Associated Press | Jul 18, 08 2:49 PM CDT

First, an overflowing tub at a French nuclear plant spilled uranium into the groundwater. Then a burst pipe leaked uranium at another nuclear site, raising an alert on Friday.

The two accidents within two weeks, both at sites run by French nuclear giant Areva, have raised questions about safety and control measures in one of the world’s most nuclear-dependent nations, and given fodder to anti-nuclear activists.

Environmentalists said the incidents are a wake-up call, raising doubts about an industry in which France has staked out a leading role internationally.

French nuclear accident raises questions about Libya accord – By Raphael Vassallo

Last week’s accident – which was curiously under-reported in the European media, during the same week when France assumed the presidency of the European Union – took place between Monday 7 and Tuesday 8 July at the Tricastin plant in Bollene, 40km from Avignon, in the heart of the Côte du Rhone wine-producing region. After a plant malfunction, some 30,000 litres of a solution containing 12% enriched uranium overflowed from a reservoir into the nearby Gaffiere and Lauzon rivers.

Cycle Related Images from Abroad – Italy & Spain

Community Bike Rentals – Alba, Torino

Community Bike Rentals – Barcelona, Spain

Torino, Italy

Early Twentieth Century Cycle Shop – Volpiano, TO

© Frank H. Jump

Other posting of Volpiano Cycle Shop

Hub Station – 73 Morton Street – West Village, NYC

Hub Station - 73 Morton
© Frank H. Jump

Kopper’s Chocolate – Clarkson Street – West Village, NYC

Koppers Chocolate
© Frank H. Jump

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Large Fading Ad Behind Keller Hotel – Barrow Street – West Village, NYC

Barrow Ad Behind Keller Hotel

Barrow Ad Behind Keller Hotel
© Frank H. Jump

Keller Hotel & Bar – West Side Hwy & Barrow – NY Landmarks Preservation

Keller Hotel & Bar

Keller Hotel & Bar
© Frank H. Jump

Read NYC Landmarks Preservation proposal

Hotel Keller
The Keller Hotel
Photo: 1939-41, New York City Department of Finance

I remember as a teenager dancing at Keller’s on hot summer nights in the mid 1970s.

Birnbach & Littelfuse – West Side Hwy & Canal Street

Littelfuse - West Side Hwy

Barcelona Bankcard Thief – Unfriendly Face – Port Barcelona, Spain


© Frank H. Jump

When in Barcelona, beware of bank machine lurkers. This young man in the white shirt was apprehended by this passerby in the navy blue. Apparently, he had mugged this older French couple while they were withdrawing cash from an ATM. We waited around for a police officer but none arrived while we were there. We left the scene while it was still unresolved. If you are in Barcelona- beware of this young man.

Shehadi Bros. – Throop, PA

Shehadi Brothers - Throop, PA
© Frank H. Jump

Scranton Plastics Inc. – Scranton, PA

Scranton Plastics Inc.

Scranton Plastics Inc.
© Frank H. Jump

The L.B. Gronfine Building is visible in the background.