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Rosario Dawson @ Seventeen – East Village Rooftop – March 1997

Rosa @ Seventeen
© Frank H. Jump

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  1. jose says:

    She looks like ronaldinho gaucho so much.

  2. fadingad says:

    I could kinda see that. He cute.

  3. déborah says:

    I love Rosario Dawson xD I have her in my facebook but I don’t know if she has a facebook or if fans do it with her name :S.. On facebook she has just 10 friends xD

    1. fadingad says:

      No she does not have FB. She is my niece.

  4. déborah says:

    your niece??? Wahou 🙂 She’s lucky! Her oncle he’s a perfect photographer!! ^^
    thanks for everything!!

    Muack <3

  5. debi42 says:

    I really love that picture 🙂 You are a good photographer really!

    1. fadingad says:

      I helps to have such a wonderful subject to photograph!

      1. debi42 says:

        sure, but all what you take in picture wonderful! because of you 🙂 ! I really think it! and Rosario Dawson is really beautiful, she’s (to me) the most beautiful woman in that world!!

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